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  2Days Prog +1 
Description: Oddly named, but accurate - this festival features prog bands from around the world.
Added on: 24-Dec-2019 Hits: 2213
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  3 Majowka 
Description: Polish metal festival, prog metal leaning artists are on the bill. Held in May
Added on: 24-Dec-2019 Hits: 1925
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  70,000 Tons Of Metal 
Description: Metal festival at sea - ergo the 70,000 tons. Prog metal bands are often on the bill... usually sets sail in January.
Added on: 24-Dec-2019 Hits: 1526
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  A New Day Festival 
Description: Progressive rock / rock festival held in UK
Added on: 24-Dec-2019 Hits: 1421
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  Alcatraz Metal Festival 
Description: Belgian metal festival, held in August
Added on: 24-Dec-2019 Hits: 1250
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Description: Progressive rock/metal (ish) festival held in August in Bristol, England
Added on: 31-Dec-2019 Hits: 1314
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  Area 53 Festival 
Description: Metal fest held in Austria in July
Added on: 24-Dec-2019 Hits: 2109
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  Art Rock Festival 
Description: Art Rock - or prog rock - festival held in Germany in April.
Added on: 24-Dec-2019 Hits: 2034
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Description: Once a long running festival, it used to be held the first week of March at two locations in Mexicali, MX -- the Teatro Del Estado and Hotel Araiza and was organized by members of progressive rock band Cast. It exists now - via their Facebook page - more to promote performances in the area.
Added on: 20-Jun-2006 Hits: 3132
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  Beyond The Gates 
Description: Metal fest in Bergen, NO
Added on: 31-Dec-2019 Hits: 1994
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