Stolt, Roine (The Flower Kings) (February 2002)

Serious Dreamer In Full Bloom: An Interview With The Flower King's Roine Stolt

Roine Stolt (© Esmeralda Azzaro)MuzikMan: The new album Rainmaker is a landmark recording and a real turning point for the group in my estimation. Does everyone in the group feel this way? In retrospect how would you compare and contrast it to previous releases, like Space Revolver?

Roine Stolt: I honestly don't know, I think we all like it more or less, for me it's a good album but maybe not the strongest of all. I think it is a bit scaled down in orchestration compared to Space Revolver and Flower Power. I like that "liveness" feel about it. Ask me in ten years time and I will tell you if it is/was a landmark. Fans seem to dig it, seriously anyway, and I'm sure it opened up a bigger market for us.

MM: I am sometimes scratching my head wondering why some groups are labeled as progressive. The Flower Kings are no doubt a progressive rock band. What is your definition of "progressive"?

RS: I guess that would be groups that are trying new options, constantly mixing different elements of other types of music into rock. It used to be ELP, Yes, Zappa and King Crimson, now I don't know, maybe Radiohead, Tool, Kula Shaker, and Björk.

MM: From your viewpoint what are the advantages and disadvantages in being a group from outside of the U.S.?

The Flower Kings - The RainmakerRS: Oh, I don't know; from your side of the pond it may seem like the music business, including Progrock is happening within the USA. In fact our main market is outside of the USA, we are now slowly trying to get recognized in the USA. I think the same is true for Transatlantic.

MM: What groups defined progressive rock for you? What put you on the musical path that you are on now?

RS: Too many to mention maybe, but a few would be The Beatles, Hendrix, The Doors, Zappa, King Crimson, ELP, Yes, and Procol Harum.

MM: What is your favorite Flower Kings album and why?

The Flower Kings - Stardust We AreRS: Stardust We Are to me is the finest complete selection of Flower Kings songs. There are so many great moments on that double CD. I think it is the album that did throw us in the direction we are still in.

MM: What has it been like working for a label like InsideOut America in comparison to other working relationships? They seem like a real class act.

RS: They are fine people devoted to real music; however I think they need to expand with a bigger staff. We've tripled our sales at least in USA since we signed with them.

MM: Are any of the group members real computer geeks? Do you all get online and check out the various music sites and reviews?

RS: Well, I guess Tomas Bodin, Jonas [Reingold], and me are all into the computer thing. Running Logic Audio for composing and production, I also do graphics, did most of Flower Kings artwork, posters etc. And I did layouts and most graphics for all Transatlantic CDs. We do all communicate via e-mail, but I personally don't find the time to surf that much as I'm constantly busy with other things.

MM: How has your current tour of America been? What have been some of the more interesting experiences that you have had on the road?

RS: Wow. Well, we were there at the Sept 11 terror trauma, in NY at the Bottom-line just days before and we were actually in Pittsburg very near the crash of 3rd plane. The tour, apart from that, was successful in most aspects, we didn't know what to expect really.

MM: I always close an interview like this: what would you like to say everyone in cyberspace before you go?

RS: Be kind to each other, lend a helping hand, be open-minded, don't be too quick to judge, Take time with your kids and the old folks. Surprise the world in some way every day.

The Flower Kings (l to r: Hans Fröberg, Roine Stolt, Zoltan Csörsz, Jonas Reingold, and Tomas Bodin)
l to r: Hans Fröberg, Roine Stolt, Zoltan Csörsz,
Jonas Reingold, and Tomas Bodin

Roine Stolt was interviewed by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck Feb. 04, 2002. This interview is published with permission of the artist.

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Interviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck

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