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CD/DVD Releases: Spiritual Beggars Debut Reissued By Regain Records

Posted on Sunday, April 20 @ 01:24:16 UTC by nightowl

Regain Records is proud to reissue the debut album from Spiritual Beggars.

Originally released in 1994 by Wrong Again Records (the label that later became Regain Records) the self-titled album was the world's introduction to former Carcass guitarist Mike Amott's hard rock alter ego. Through the course of six albums, all released as as Amott's schedule has permitted in between his work with current band Arch Enemy, Spiritual Beggars has shaken its image as a mere side project and established itself as a genre-defining band in its own right.

Wrong Again's second release ever, Spiritual Beggars has been a tough find for quite some time, and now more recent converts to the band will have the opportunity to sample the band's beginnings. Older fans will also be interested to find four bonus tracks on the reissue: "Blind Mountain," "If You Should Leave," "Nowhere To Go," and "Sour Stains."

"You know, I spent at least 5 years dilligently looking all over the US and Europe for this album, and after many frustrating dead ends, I decided that it's one tough motherf**ker to track down. Then one day, it appeared on Ebay, and for a mere $71.00, it's finally mine, all mine, all f**king mine [and no you can't borrow it, touch it or even think about asking me to play it for you]! So, what's so special about Spiritual Beggars' ... debut? ... Spiritual Beggars is a f**king amazing '70s/psychedelic/stoner rock band and I had to know what their debut sounded like. ...Mike Amott plays all guitars for the band, so you know that no matter how many years ago it was made, there's got to be some killer guitar sh*t on this disc." - Deadtide.com

"...the bonus tracks give the other songs a run for their money, surprisingly. Not filler at all. Everyone sounds great on this album though, especially Ludwig, his drumming is noticeably jazzy and well-executed." - Metal-Archives.com

[Trying to confirm whether this is a re-re-issue of this album, as it was previously reissued w/the bonus tracks in 2002, or... press release is current, however -news ed.]

[Source: Mazur PR]

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