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Festival News: Sylvan To Headline Subtacto 2008

Posted on Sunday, May 11 @ 06:41:21 UTC by nightowl

The German progressive band Sylvan are now confirmed to headline the Subtacto Progfest 2008 on Saturday October 18th.

The dominant style of Sylvan is a mix of symphonic progressive rock, neo-progressive and classic rock including touches of progressive metal, all blended together in a new and interesting way, decorated with lot of intricate keyboards and guitar sounds.

The band has been compared to groups like Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, Marillion and IQ.

For a lot of fans, their personal Sylvan-story starts with Posthumous Silence. None of the band's other albums has made so many uncommitted "part-time"-listeners instantly to enthusiastic devotees. In all relevant forums, you can often find statements like "I didn?t know the band before but then I listened to them at a festival and it just blew me away." Prog-magazine reviewers were enthused, too, and awarded top scores in a row.

With last years release Presets they added a lot of new fans outside the prog-devotees, and showing a new side of the band.

In their 10th anniversary as a band, Sylvan are finally set to perform in Norway at the Subtacto-festival in Oslo. Before coming to Subtacto, they will perform at the American festival CalProg.

The Subtacto Festival this year will be a two or three day event, and will take place in Oslo on 17th, 18th (19th) of October. The venue will be Amat?ren (The Amateur) in Oslo, a club venue taking approximately 300 people.

More information will be available at our website on www.subtacto.com, and at our MySpace page at www.myspace.com/subtactoprog.

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