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CD/DVD Releases: Flyin' Ryan Brothers' ''Totality'' Now Available

Posted on Friday, July 04 @ 03:55:53 UTC by nightowl

We are proud to announce the release of our brand new CD, entitled Totality, the follow-up to our last project, the critically acclaimed Blue Marble.

We both feel this is our best and most creative project to date. We have pushed the envelope again with additional ? and exotic ? instrumentation. This time out, Johnny plays piano and accordion and Jimmy shines on lap steel, glockenspiel and theremin. As our writing and compositional skills mature, we have branched out in many different directions, incorporating many varied and diverse musical styles.

We have been influenced by so many fabulous musicians ? many of whom are not guitar players ? over the decades. This has enabled us to approach our musical canvas with a more varied tonal palette and a broader brush than most of our contemporaries, inspiring us to think outside the traditional format - and constraints - of guitar-based music.

Totality is not only the title of this release, but also represents our overall approach to our craft. From soft acoustic dreamland to lush pastoral soundscapes to idyllic Celtic and jazz excursions to the hardest-rocking retro grooves to the most elegant and frightening progressive compositional structures, nothing is left to chance, no style unexplored, no boundaries imposed. This release truly represents the completeness of our musical vision.

Having said this, we're still about double lead guitar! The secret to our sound has always been the interplay between our two distinct styles and individual influences ? like fire and ice ? brought together through a keen sense of melody, harmony and counterpoint, irrespective of style.

Once again, our music would not be possible without the immense talents of our musical brothers. Johnny Mrozek, our resident professor of percussion, layers every track with monster drumming, insane chops and multiple percussion tracks. His rhythmic tapestries laid the bedrock on which the entire project was built ? rock solid, case-hardened and tight as a vault. Bill Kopecky?s masterful bass stylings perfectly compliment our melodic excursions. Bill provides a master class in perfectly proportioned, deep-feel bassology. His artistry and maturity is exhibited on each and every track. Prepare to be blown away by this top-shelf rhythm section. We are so very fortunate to have players this great and friendships so deep.

We also must extend our deepest thanks to Chris ?Wisco? Djuricic for his mixing and mastering prowess. His input was invaluable ? he was, without a doubt, the ?fifth Beatle? on this project.

Totality? the latest mind-blowing tour-de-force guitar extravaganza from the reigning masters of double lead guitar: The Flyin' Ryan Brothers.

[Source: FRB press release via Bill Kopecky]

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