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CD/DVD Releases: Snarling Adjective Convention's ''Bluewolf Bloodwalk'' Is Out Now

Posted on Friday, July 04 @ 05:41:53 UTC by nightowl

Snarling Adjective Convention is an adventurous group of talented artists who are fiercely experimental in their approach to music. Combining elements of avant-garde jazz, metal, dark ambient, psychedelic, prog rock, and funk, the ensemble consists of five instrumentalists who are well known in both experimental and progressive rock circles: Roger Ebner (wind synth, sax), Joe Kopecky (guitars), William Kopecky (basses), Dan Maske (keyboards, trumpet, flute, percussion), and Craig Walkner (drums). William's wife Sophie appears as a special guest on two tracks to contribute haunting spoken word performances en francais.

Snarling Adjective Convention's spontaneously composed debut CD Bluewolf Bloodwalk is a startling collection of sinister, cutting-edge works of art that bristle with dark energy and virtuoso playing. Invoking the ghosts of 70?s electric-era Miles and gloomy French sound sculptors Shub Niggurath, Bluewolf Bloodwalk offers the fearless listener an unforgettable and visionary musical trip.

Released by Unicorn Digital

[Source: William Kopecky]

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