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Concerts: Hostsonaten's ''Springsong'' To Be Performed As Ballet

Posted on Saturday, July 05 @ 17:27:40 UTC by nightowl

On July 10, Fabio Zuffanti/Hostsonaten's Springsong will be presented onstage as a performance of contemporary ballet in the ancient castle of Forte Sperone in Genova, Italy, with direction by Genoese theatrical director and choreographer Paola Grazzi.

"Springsong is the representation in music and dance of the flourishing of life and harmony achieved. Springsong means 'Song of Spring' and spring is here understood as being reborn after [a melancholy] autumn and winter. The dance has always aimed toward the?union between body and spirit, this should represent its rebirth.

"From moments solar [solemn?] to other more intimate, throughout there is a sort of race to the harmony that is inscenata [?] in the final part of which represents the fulfilment of their new life, ready for a fresh start."

"Fabio Zuffanti wrote the music of Springsong in 2002 as a soundtrack to a performance of contemporary dance that only now finds its fulfilment. Springsong was published on CD in 2003 by label Sublime under the moniker Hostsonaten (name of one of the many projects of Fabio) obtaining consents large audiences and critics worldwide.

"The music of Springsong intersects various genres, from folk, ethnic and jazz, Celtic, rock and classical. All in the attempt to create harmony, even between different kinds, which can also be the musical mirror of what is the spiritual message of the work. The CD will be put up for sale during the evening which will be represented.

"Fabio Zuffanti - Musician and composer from Genova, active since 1994, dedicated in particular to electronic music and progressive rock CD affecting various groups Finisterre, the Mask Of Wax, Hostsonaten and Aries under production, among others, Roberto Colombo (Fabrizio De Andr? , Matia Bazar) and Franz of Cioccio (PFM). Make concerts in Italy, France, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, the United States and Mexico.

Sounds also projects folk music, pop and ambient. Composes music for theatre and dance performances, soundtracks for advertising, sound, radio jingles and musical entitled Merlin - The Rock Opera published in 2000 labeled Iridea records and represented successfully in 1999/2000 in Liguria and France.

Is also active as an author for other artists working with the Warner Chappel Music publisher and cooperates in experiments with musical-literary writers Thomas Labranca and Wu Ming.

[Source: Spirals Booking & Managment {was in Italian; blame the translation on Google and me -ed.}

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