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CD/DVD Releases: Nevermore Want To Thank Fans On ''The Year Of The Voyager'' DVD/Live Album

Posted on Saturday, July 05 @ 18:00:32 UTC by nightowl

In July 2005, Nevermore released their latest studio album, This Godless Endeavor which became their biggest success in a career that started 16 years and 6 albums ago back in 1992. The touring cycle for This Godless Endeavor began July 21st, 2005 with the North American Gigantour supporting Megadeth and Dream Theater. Since then, Nevermore played close to 200 shows in 23 countries, all over Europe, Japan, Australia, Brazil, North America, and on August 14th, they will even play in Tel Aviv, Israel at the Anthem Metal Festival (together with their label mates Dark Tranquillity and The Haunted).

In October 2008, Nevermore will release their first ever DVD and Live album The Year Of The Voyager. The Year Of The Voyager covers the This Godless Endeavor touring cycle featuring amazing, live footage from the 2005 U.S. Gigantour, the 2006 Metal Mania Festival in Poland, the 2006 Wacken Festival in Germany and the main DVD showcasing their live set recorded at the Zeche Bochum in Germany on October 11th, 2006. The bonus material includes two songs from the Century Media USA 10th Anniversary Party in 2001, all promo videos and an interview with Warrel Dane which was recorded at the Roax Film Studios in Berlin during the Spring of 2008.

To thank all of the worldwide fans that helped the band make This Godless Endeavor their biggest success yet, Nevermore are asking you to send them your photos with the band from signing sessions and "meet & greets" during the tour cycle. 10 of the best photos will be printed in the DVD/Live album booklet and the names of the fans whose photos are chosen as the ten best will be named in the thanks list. To view more details and see a list of the tour cycle, check out Century Media's Myspace Blog.

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