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CD/DVD Releases: Tommy Zvoncheck Teams Up With Yes' Jon Anderson

Posted on Saturday, July 12 @ 17:40:55 UTC by nightowl

Anonymous writes "[Here's an item that has been stuck in our queue since June; makes it old news, but then I've been accused of being the same thing -ed.]

Tommy Zvoncheck Teams Up With Yes? Jon Anderson For Controversial New Song!

As the 2008 Race for the White House heats up, keyboardist Tommy Zvoncheck -- in a collaboration with Yes vocalist Jon Anderson -- makes sure the Florida voting scandal of 2000 is not forgotten. This piano ballad, "Rain In Florida," is also filled with optimism for the 2008 elections.

This song is one of two bonus tracks (the other is a piano improvisation) for the remastered, re-release of the critically acclaimed album ZKG. This version will also contain new cover art and new liner notes. The album will also be available for download. "It's been 7 years since I put ZKG out," Zvoncheck said. "A lot of things have happened and the music industry has changed considerably. When I first put ZKG out, MP3s and downloading were not as commonplace as they are now, so the album really had limited exposure. For some reason my CD caught the ears of some people, albeit 6 years after its release. It got me an offer to play with Ritchie Blackmore's band Blackmore's Night, an opportunity to work with Jon Anderson of Yes, and the opportunity to produce 3 tracks for Taz DiGregorio of The Charlie Daniels Band.

"The CD caught the interest of ex-Steppenwolf keyboard player Goldy McJohn which led to an invitation to participate in the All Star Jam at NAMM for 2007. That combined with a "thumbs up" from the legendary Spencer Davis, who I worked with in 1990, and I was 'in'. Apparently I did a good job; I ended up playing the whole show for the simple reason I knew all the songs. I was invited back in 2008 as "musical director," and was instrumental in organizing the show with promoter David Harris. I will be doing a 'three-peat' in 2009."

The album's tentative release date is June 16, 2008. Excerpts from the two bonus tracks can be found at: www.myspace.com/tommyzvoncheck or www.zkgmusic.com

Currently based in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, keyboardist (and sometimes guitarist and bassist) Zvoncheck has played with Blue Oyster Cult, Aldo Nova, Johnny Rotten's Public Image Limited (P.I.L.), Clarence Clemons, Spencer Davis, Fernando Saunders, and many others.

Zvoncheck is also hard at work on the album's follow up, which should hit the streets by the end of the year.


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