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CD/DVD Releases: Festival Music Announce The Signing Of Seven Day Hunt

Posted on Sunday, September 07 @ 05:26:15 UTC by nightowl

Festival Music are pleased to announce the signing of Seven Day Hunt, and the release of their CD File This Dream on 06 October 2008. The band are from the Netherlands and mix their own sound with many other influences such as Porcupine Tree, Spock's Beard, Neal Morse, Arena, IQ, Dream Theater, Marillion, Pink Floyd, Genesis, and The Flower Kings.

Seven Day Hunt is a new band. Sort of, but not really. Seven Day Hunt is a continuation of the excellent Egdon Heath. Sort of, but not really!

In 1999 Egdon Heath retired, following 18 years in the world of prog during which they released four studio albums and a double-live album of their final gig. As from January 2000, Jaap Mulder (keyboards, vocals), Aldo Adema (guitar), Marcel Copini (bass) and Maurits Kalsbeek (vocals) worked on new material with the new drummer Erik Koning, a Genesis fan all his life. Karlsbeek quit the band but the four remaining members continued without a singer for a considerable time, exploring new horizons and experimenting with new influences and styles. Then the band came in contact with Han Uil, singer-songwriter and former singer/guitarist of Antares, and with him in the band, they fine tuned the almost finished compositions, with Han writing the lyrics. The album was at last complete!

Seven Day Hunt signed to Festival Music, part of F2 Music Ltd, in August 2008 and joins other artists on the label including Credo, Solstice, Twelfth Night, Manning, Citizen Cain, Tinyfish, Bittertown, Ezra, and chimpan A.

Turn up your speakers and listen to a track from the CD - the excellent 14 minute track 'No Plaster Saint' - on the Festival Music player at www.f2music.co.uk. You can listen to all of the other artists on the label here, too.

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