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Festival News: RoSfest Announces Silver Pipe For The Friday Night After Hours Party For 09

Posted on Monday, September 08 @ 07:00:00 UTC by nightowl

ROSfest presents Silver Pipe in a Friday night after hours party. Silver Pipe is Chicago's up and coming premier Jethro Tull tribute band. The band was formed in late 2007, with the intention of being "all about the flute." Steve Royce, Dale Stubitsch, Rich Poston, Patrick Hart and Tracy Shepherd have been building a strong following in the Chicago-land area with a retrospective song selection and dynamic stage presence.

The highlight of 2008 so far has been a very special gig in late July that was attended by people from all around the country. Special guests Eirik Hanssen of Norway's Magic Pie and Steve Kessler (Progeezer) joined the band for a very memorable evening of music and friendship.

Silver Pipe is extremely enthused about performing before the ROSfest community. The band will be joined by a special guest on bass, the creative force behind Sonus Umbra and member of Might Could, Luis Nasser. Luis is a very accomplished bassist and well-rounded musician/composer that is no stranger to the prog community. Expect a great variety of music from the Jethro Tull catalog, some Sonus Umbra and surprise musical guest appearances.

Silver Pipe @ Myspace; Silver Pipe @ RosFest

[Source: RoSFest]

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