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Concerts: Believe Annoucne Plans For Polish Tour

Posted on Sunday, September 28 @ 07:00:00 UTC by nightowl

"Magical things haven't constant matter, they independently create new world to destroy it again and give place for new.

"The Believe begins the next stage of activity with new vocalist Karol Wr?blewski. At this moment arrangements for a new personification and tour with Pendragon are in progress. This is the course:"

October 7, 2008, Poznan; October 8, 2008, Gdansk; October 9, 2008, Bydgoszcz; October 10, 2008, Warszawa; October 11, 2008, Krak?w; and October 12, 2008, Bielsko-Biata.

"We don't stop to search for new music experiences and impressions. We want [to give] thanks to all faithful people for patience. Remember, the time is on our side.

"New sound and website soon..."

[Source: Believe]

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