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CD/DVD Releases: Beppe Crovella Releases ''Pianovagando''

Posted on Thursday, July 16 @ 05:12:06 UTC by nightowl

"Pianovagando is Beppe Crovella's new CD. It's a solo piano album with 57 compositions written by Beppe Crovella. It's a journey through Beppe's life and imagination, emphasizing Beppe's melodic compositional attitudes.

"The first review by John Kelman (All About Jazz) says 'Beppe goes straight for the heart.'

Beppe Crovella is a composer, performer, producer, label owner, professional studio owner and publisher. Beppe is "solo artist" and original member and actual member, performer, composer and producer of Arti & Mestieri, a mythical band in the history of progressive/jazz-rock. [They mean mythic, of course -ed.]

"As a composer he's written 840 songs and compositions that have been published on CD and media, from songs, soundtracks to avant-garde compositions performed in international jazz festivals. He won 2 International Prizes with Music for Cartoons, produced by Italian TV.

"Electromantic Music is its own label, focusing on ?prog-rock? and ?jazz-rock? that has 6 main catalogues and 32 artists.

"A Pianovagando promo video can be seen at: www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=1148233180716 or www.youtube.com/watch?v=RS8CzyDLFl0"

Also just out from Electromantic - N.y.X. - Down In The Shadows featuring Trey Gunn and David Jackson.

[Source: Beppe Crovella]

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