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CD/DVD Releases: Swedes Twins Crew Release ''Twin Demon''

Posted on Sunday, July 19 @ 19:09:45 UTC by nightowl

Twins Crew was originally formed in 2005 in Nyn?shamn, Sweden, but re-established in June 2007. The band consists of five members ages 20-29. The twins David and Dennis Jangl?v (guitar), Andreas Larsson (vocals), Fredrik Hammar (bass) and Uno Eriksson (drums).

They play heavy / power metal in the style of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Helloween and Yngwie Malmsteen. The music can be filed under Heavy Metal or Power Metal. The first version of the band was formed at the music high school in Nyn?shamn 2005. Dennis and David idea with Twins Crew was to start a band which had all the classical Heavy Metal elements but with a modern touch to it and with a lot of attitude.

During the year of 2005 they played on local pubs and festivals but the band was put on hold after graduation. The Twins packed their bags and went to Hollywood, USA to attend the famous GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology) also known as Musicians Institute. They both graduated with honors 2007 and were nominated for students of the year. During the last month in USA, they put out an ad in a Swedish music magazine for musicians for a heavy metal band and that?s how they got hold of the musicians that plays in Twins Crew today.

Twins Crew went in the studio for the very first time in January 2008 to record their first EP named Twins Crew. The EP received a lot of great reviews worldwide and has sold 1500 copies all around the world. As a result of that, they were booked to play at Iron Maiden's pre and after party during the concert in Stockholm July 2008 arranged by Iron Maiden's Scandinavia FC, J?germeister, and Sound Pollution, among others. The recording of their second EP Twin Demon started January 2009 and Twins Crew hope to make a big fuzz [fuss? ed.] in the heavy metal world with the EP. They are planning to play a lot of gigs not just in Sweden but in Germany, Denmark and Finland during this year.

The plan for the near future is the record a full album. The big goals with the band are the make it big and tour the highways of hell. Nothing is impossible; if you can believe it you can achieve it.


1 777
2 Twin Demon
3 Legions Of The Dead
4 Heavy Metal Nation
5 Fire Of Anger
6 The End Of Forever

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