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CD/DVD Releases: If These Trees Could Talk Release ''Above The Earth, Below The Sky''

Posted on Tuesday, July 21 @ 05:00:00 UTC by nightowl

If These Trees Could Talk return with their long awaited full length album Above The Earth, Below The Sky. Recorded during the summer of 2008 under the watchful eye of Tim Gerak (6P7), the album is a dark emotional journey that picks up where the debut EP left off. With the roots of the album firmly planted within the industrial boomtown of Akron, Ohio, The Trees have made every effort to evoke the desperation and triumph felt by a city in despair and rebirth. Utilizing a dynamic range of auditory explorations fluctuating from delicate to deafening The Trees have once again provided their listeners a primed and ready canvas upon which they may paint their own visions of chaos and serenity. The types of images only seen when our eyes are closed or when the true nature of a world operating under insanity and irrationality is exposed.

While maintaining integrity in their music, The Trees have managed to forge their own artistic path in the face of many gimmick and copy-cat bands. They have managed to self-release and maintain steady sales of both their albums to date, while pairing up with The Mylene Sheath to release their albums in the vinyl format to rave reviews around the globe.

In addition, The Trees have solidified their presence in the post-rock world by licensing "Malabar Front" from their 2006 EP for inclusion in the online trailer for the Sony PLAYSTATION?3 release inFamous.

Press About The Band

?If These Trees Could Talk border on metal the same way bands like Dredg, Muse, Maserati and Russian Circles do ... If you?re a fan of well-crafted, intricate, moody music like the above-mentioned bands ? in addition to other heady, cerebral rock acts like Tool, Mogwai and Isis ? my guess is you?ll dig this band.? ? Vince Neilstein, metalsucks.net

?Above The Earth, Below The Sky is one of 2009?s strongest releases and is an artistically crafted sight/sound to behold. It swoops and dives and hurts and soothes and will blow your *****ing mind.? ? Brad Kelly, strangeglue.com

?This is music to end the world with, full of sadness as well as thundering rage and technical craftsmanship ... there is great treasure to be found among the sounds delayed and the guitars reverberating. Like other bands that explore this type of sound, the future seems to hold quite a lot of positive surprises for If These Trees Could Talk if they don?t lose the creative impulse. Certainly, this band is one to follow.? ? David Murrieta, thesilentballet.com

MP3 Download: "What's In The Earth Belongs To You" MP3: www.sendspace.com/file/wlhn12

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