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CD/DVD Releases: Profuna Ocean Release Debut ''Watching The Closing Sky''

Posted on Friday, July 24 @ 05:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Searching for the ultimate meltdown of different styles of music, the story of Profuna Ocean starts in 2008. Strongly influenced by their individual vision on music, four musicians gather up and formed an alliance. Music is what binds them; therefore they stick together in a dark hole in the middle of nowhere, combining their visions and giving form to what's inside their minds and finally presenting it to the world.

Based on an early live demo, recorded with a mike in the audience at a festival, Damian Wilson (Threshold) called Profuna Ocean already a perfect match as support act, while Rick Wakeman ordered the forthcoming release in advance to give it airplay at his radio station in the United Kingdom.

With Watching The Closing Sky, their first CD, with just four tracks but nevertheless a duration of nearly fourthy minutes ? released in May 2009 ? it was time to introduce Profuna Ocean to a wider audience.

The official release of Watching The Closing Sky was done in an interactive way on radio and Internet by national radio station 3FM. Within one month after release of the CD one out of three regional and local radio stations in The Netherlands picked up the CD to give it airplay.

This debut CD immediately became an international release. Besides distribution in The Netherlands by Coast to Coast, the band also signed a distribution deal with Cargo Records for Germany, Austria and Switzerland while Koalla Entretenimento from Brazil will start to promote the CD in Brazil, Argentina and Chile; and Two Side Moon Promotions will take care of United Kingdom. Profuna Ocean is a distinctive and inspired band with a musical influence that can be placed in the spherical and progressive spectrum of music, but is also a band that does not fit in a typical genre. They will surprise you with beautiful, clean musical phrases, that from one moment to another with gusts can turn into solid pieces of rock.

Raoul Potters, guitarist and singer, is also responsible for writing the songs that often come directly from his heart. He often finds his inspiration in the less beautiful side of life and our world and does not feel restricted by the basic structures and lengths for music, because to him there should be no rules for music, as long as it sounds good.

With a colorful palette of spherical keyboard parts, Ren? Visser transforms Raoul?s lyrics into a truly symphonic whole. The tight and steady basis of Arjan Visser on bass and Fred den Hartog on drums, ensure the right groove and rock when it should. This all melts together into musical master pieces which undoubtedly will find a willing ear with the audience.

In 2009 Profuna Ocean is invited to support the legendary Dutch band Alquin.

Band members:

Raoul Potters ? Vocals, Guitar
Arjan Visser ? Bass
Rene Visser ? Keyboards, Backing vocals
Fred den Hartog ? Drums


1. Changing Legacy (7:00)
2. Lost Inside (The Landscape) (8:21)
3. Sad Silhouette (7:22)
4. S.C.I.T.S. (14:25)


[Source: TSM Productions]

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