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CD/DVD Releases: Days Before Tomorrow Warn ''The Sky Is Falling''

Posted on Friday, July 24 @ 06:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Out now, Days Before Tomorrow release The Sky Is Falling. Bio: Probably the most misunderstood label you can slap on a rock band today is to call them progressive rock. So many people have such different opinions of what the description means that almost nobody thinks of the same thing when they hear it! But Days Before Tomorrow certainly fit their own description of this label. When Days Before Tomorrow think of progressive rock, they picture bands like Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, and Marillion. But when you ask someone over 30 what prog rock means to them, you'll routinely hear them mention bands like Yes, Rush, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Jefferson Starship, Kansas, and Styx. Somewhere in the midst of all that debate is where you'll find Days Before Tomorrow - a nod to the past with a sound for tomorrow.

At a minimum, great prog rock features outstanding musicianship that inspires other musicians, has a strong vocal identity, big hooks, and has songs that take the listener on a journey from the beginning of the first track all the way through to the end of the album. Themes are often present throughout an album, and many songs stretch well beyond typical three-minute fare. After all, even the finest works of classic literature weren't short stories - they were novels. At its best, great progressive rock incorporates the elements above and presents them in a way that is accessible to the mainstream rock fan.

Days Before Tomorrow delivers on all fronts: music that appeals to serious music lovers tired of the same old boring radio fare, and music with catchy melodies and strong hooks that casual listeners and rock lovers alike can latch onto.

History: Many bands are founded by longtime friends, and it was back in the elementary school years when guitarist Scott Kahn and vocalist Eric Klein became friends at day camp (we have the photos to prove it). Truth be told, they didn't even remember this fact until many years later, meeting for the second time thanks to a Craigslist posting from which Eric emailed a one-line reply that simply asked, "Does that guy Scott have a sister named Audra?" Had Scott's sister actually mentioned that her life-long friend was a great singer, Days Before Tomorrow might have gotten off to a start at least a decade earlier, but then they might have turned out more like a new wave band rather than prog rock titans. Good thing they re-met in the '00s. Together, working tirelessly from a basement studio in Wayne, New Jersey, they moved forward producing and commercially releasing their debut, self-titled EP in 2006. Amidst favorable reviews, the first track, "Can't Do Anything," a political statement disguised as a jaded love song, received an honorable mention in Billboard Magazine's 14th Annual Songwriting Contest. Then, in August 2008, a demo recording of the song "Sleepwalking" received an honorable mention in Billboard Magazine's 15th Annual Songwriting Competition. But the band lineup, and sound, was still evolving.

The band took its next leap forward with the addition of guitarist Derek Davodowich, a Berklee grad and veteran of the Nashville scene, in 2007, and Robert "Zeek" Maziekien Jr. (of the prog rock band Eternity X) stepped in on bass. The band continued to refine its sound, getting heavier and more musically adventurous.

After a year's worth of auditioning, Days Before Tomorrow finally solidified its lineup with renowned pro drummer Jason Gianni joining the band. Besides teaching prog rock drumming for NYC's famous Drummer's Collective school, Jason's impeccable chops can be heard on everything from Spongebob Squarepants to Hannah Montana to recordings with another well known prog band, Magellan. And in the summer of 2009, the band found keyboard player Damon Fibraio performing with a Dream Theater & Queensryche tribute band. He connected with the band instantly, and work has already begun writing the band's next record.

The Sky Is Falling: The Sky Is Falling was produced by legendary rock producer Ron Nevison (Led Zeppelin, The Who, Heart, Jefferson Starship, Europe, Kiss, Damn Yankees, and more), and was released independently in March 2009 while the band talks with record labels about a pending distribution deal. The Sky Is Falling was mixed by Grammy award winning engineer Earl Cohen (Christina Aguilera, Usher, Will Smith, Tina Turner), who first began working with Days Before Tomorrow in 2008 while they were recording a single for the compilation CD, Hair Apparent: The Main Man Records Tribute To Hair Bands. Sonically, The Sky Is Falling is one of the finest sounding records you'll hear in 2009.

There is no shortage of industry excitement about Days Before Tomorrow. Regarding the single recorded for Hair Apparent, project co-producer Kim Mulligan (of NJ's WDHA FM and Sirius XM Hair Nation) wrote, "Just wanted to thank you for this track. It's spectacular and exactly what the compilation needed. Thanks for hitting one out of the park!"

This fall, Days Before Tomorrow will be performing at the Los Angeles Music Awards, where the band has been nominated for Record of the Year. According to the show's executive producer and founder, Al Bowman, "Days Before Tomorrow represents the most cutting edge and unique style I have ever heard from an independent band. In nearly two decades of producing award shows, I have never received an album like what they put together. Magnificent work!"


1 Lighters
2 Wrong
3 Last Song
4 Can't Go Back
5 Wasted Years I: Confrontation
6 Wasted Years II: Sleepwalking
7 In The Air
8 The Sky Is Falling
9 Can't Do Anything
10 Survival
11 Your Kate
12 You're Not The One
13 Wasted Years III: The Silence Is Deafening
14 Lighters (Reprise)

A few words on our behalf?

?Days Before Tomorrow represents the most cutting edge and unique style I have ever heard from an independent band. In nearly two decades of producing award shows, I have never received an album like what they put together. Magnificent work!? - Al Bowman Founder / Executive Producer, Los Angeles Music Awards

?Days Before Tomorrow shoot the gambit of directional turns? I listen to tons of music but DBT take music to another level? The opening track 'Lighters' is an amazing song? I can?t say enough about DBT being innovators of experimental changes? The Sky Is Falling is not your typical CD; it?s a journey through time as with a Pink Floyd release. You really have to sit back and enjoy the ride of your life? This is a great release to escape in your own little world and dream, but watch out for the quick turns as these class musicians take it one-step further.? - 4 Stars (out of 5), Review from RockEyez.com

?Days Before Tomorrow are musical clinicians; they play a melodic and intricate form of progressive music that is radio-friendly, especially because of lead singer Eric Klein?s warm, clear and soaring style? [The chorus of 'Lighters'] is one of the best choruses you?ll ever hear? 'Wrong' probably owns the next best chorus you?ll hear this year? this should be a hit for Days Before Tomorrow? a band who is artful both musically and conceptually?? - 8.1 (out of 10) Review from HardRockHaven.com

?What immediately stood out for me were the incredible hooks found throughout the disc... There are no weak tracks... One of the most refreshing releases I have heard... Will more than likely make my best of list when the end of the year comes around?? - 4.5 Stars (out of 5) Review from SeaOfTranquility.org

"The emotional highs are undeniable." - Music Connection Magazine

?? an extremely well crafted musical statement that defies any attempt to apply a genre-specific label, and this is the best compliment that can be given ? they don?t sound like anybody else? Eric?s pipes defy any attempt to compare him to other singers stylistically? One thing that really separates these guys from other prog bands are the big hooks and choruses, guaranteed to stick in your head. Case in point: the opening track ?Lighters? has one of the most addicting choruses I have ever heard!? - 4 Stars (out of 4), Review from MusicPlayers.com

?The musicianship was stellar.? - The Aquarian

?? an excellent record that combines classic Progressive Rock with beautiful AOR melodies? superb vocal work of Eric Klein? This guy easily beats anyone else in the music business today, what an amazing range, perfectly clean melodic singing you don?t hear that much these days? The production from Ron Revison is superb, as huge as the major label classics he did in the past? very radio friendly? quite innovative in the arrangements? this CD almost blows away any major label release? a really special release that truly deserves attention from every well-respected music fan out there.? - 9.2 Points (out of 10) Review from strutter.8m.com (Strutter Magazine, Holland)

?With an ear for detail and a cosmic sense of composition, Days Before Tomorrow have unleashed a bombardment of sonic pleasure. An acoustic launch with electric soaring solos masterfully transports you into their world? Eric Klein's vocals are clean as a whistle, reminding me of a "too good to be true" concoction of Steve Walsh & Dennis DeYoung. Scott Kahn and Derek Davodowich's guitar work is impeccable. Bassist Robert Maziekien and drummer Jason Gianni are locked in like a peak performing machine? The production is top notch. With Ron Nevison at the helm, it was destined to become a work of art.? - 4 Stars (out of 5) Review from TheProgFiles.com

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