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CD/DVD Releases: Metal Mind To Release ''Cautionary Tales'' Box Set From Shadowland

Posted on Tuesday, July 28 @ 06:42:22 UTC by nightowl

As previously announced, to coincide with Shadowland?s first ever DVD Edge Of Night, Metal Mind Productions will release Cautionary Tales, a box featuring the DVD as well as re-mastered re-releases of their three studio albums (unavailable for a very long time).

Shadowland is a British neo-progressive rock band formed in the 1990s, by Clive Nolan (Arena, Pendragon, Caamora) and Karl Groom (Threshold). The band's music tends towards the ?songy? side of progressive rock, while retaining its melodic and emotional intensity. The band recorded three albums so far: Ring Of Roses (1992), Through The Looking Glass (1994) and Mad As A Hatter (1996).

Sadly, due to the onset of other commitments, Shadowland took a lengthy break from recording and performing between 1996 and 2008. Late in 2008 Nolan announced that Shadowland would be reforming for a tour in early 2009. Mark Westwood (Caamora, Neo) replaced Ian Salmon on the bass in this 2009 incarnation, but the rest of the original line-up from the 90's remained unchanged. The tour promoted a "best of" album entitled A Matter Of Perspective, featuring the band's favorite tracks from their three previous albums as well as some new material. During the tour, Shadowland also visited Poland. They played at the famous Wyspiański Theatre during the first edition of the progressive rock festival ProgRock 2009. The band?s performance was recorded and will be released on DVD entitled Edge Of Night (out on 3rd August).

Cautionary Tales

CD 1 - Ring Of Roses:

1. The Whistleblower
2. Jigsaw
3. Scared Of The Dark
4. Painting By Numbers
5. Hall Of Mirrors
6. The Kruhulick Syndrome
7. Ring of Roses

Bonus Tracks:

8. Dorian Gray (Japanese Release)
9. I Judas (Japanese Release)
10. Jigsaw (Demo)
11. Ring Of Roses (Demo)

CD 2 - Through The Looking Glass:

1. A Matter Of Perspective
2. The Hunger
3. Dreams Of The Ferryman
4. Half Moon Street
5. When The World Turns To White
6. The Waking Hour
7. Through The Looking Glass
8. Mindgames

Bonus Tracks:

9. So The Music Stops (Japanese Release)
10. Half Moon Street (Demo)
11. Foreign Lands Unused (Demo)

CD 3 - Mad As A Hatter:

1. U.S.I. (United States Of Insanity)
2. Mephisto Bridge
3. Flatline
4. The Seventh Year - Part One: A Curious Tale/Part Two: Why Kruhulick?
5. Father
6. The Burning
7. Zuleika
8. Mad As A Hatter
9. Salvation Comes

Bonus Tracks:
10. Edge Of Night (Special studio recording)
11. Phantoms (Japanese Release)
12. U.S.I. (Live in Holland 2009)

CD 4 ? Edge Of Night (audio):

1. A Matter Of Perspective
2. The Hunger
3. The Whistleblower
4. Mephisto Bridge
5. The Kruhulick Syndrome
6. The Waking Hour
7. Painting By Numbers

CD 5 ? Edge Of Night (audio):

1. Hall Of Mirrors
2. The Edge Of Night
3. U.S.I.
4. The Seventh Year
5. Jigsaw
6. Dreams Of The Ferryman
7. Ring Of Roses

DVD ? Edge Of Night:

1. A Matter Of Perspective
2. The Hunger
3. The Whistleblower
4. Mephisto Bridge
5. The Kruhulick Syndrome
6. The Waking Hour
7. Painting By Numbers
8. Hall Of Mirrors
9. The Edge Of Night
10. U.S.I.
11. The Seventh Year
12. Jigsaw
13. Dreams Of The Ferryman
14. Ring Of Roses

Packed with bonus tracks and features, this special limited edition box set provides the complete Shadowland experience!

Metal Mind Productions will release Cautionary Tales on 3rd August in Europe and 11th August in USA (via MVD). Limited to numbered 1000 copies!

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