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Artist News: Jadis Announced Return To Action In February

Posted on Saturday, April 10 @ 21:00:00 UTC by nightowl

"Hi There, How are you all doin'?," writes UK prog band Jadis this past February. "I know that Jadis have been a bit quiet for a while.... 3 years to be exact, but Gary & Steve have now decided to get the band up and running again." The band played some live dates in late February with Shadowland, saying, "[t]he last time Jadis and Shadowland played together was 17 years ago on the 'Lurv' Ambassadors' Tour. We have a new website up and running at www.jadismusic.com.

"We now have Understand and Somersault back in stock. Please check the merchandise page.

"There are no immediate plans for the band to release a new studio album this year but Jadis are looking to make available a Medium Rare Part 2 which will have a few new songs, re-recordings, live, demo, unreleased and acoustic versions."

The announcement goes on to add, "Steve Thorne, long time friend and Jadis collaborator, has now released his excellent 3rd album Into The Ether. This CD really showcases Steve's amazing songwriting, production and vocal skills. The diversity of songs is once again a feature as with Emotional Creatures. Into The Ether features some incredible work from guest performers such as Tony Levin, Nick D?Virgilio, Gavin Harrison, John Beck, John Giblin, John Mitchell, Pete Trewavas and Jadis man Gary Chandler. Have a listen to the samples on Steve's website steve-thorne.co.uk.

"You can buy Into The Ether direct from the Jadis website via paypal by clicking on our 'merchandise' page."

[Source: Jadis]

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