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CD/DVD Releases: Mars Hollow Releases Self-Titled Debit On 10T Records

Posted on Sunday, April 25 @ 00:00:00 UTC by nightowl

10T Records is excited to announce the release of the full length debut CD release by Mars Hollow on June 8, 2010. Mars Hollow are based out of Southern California?s musically fertile San Fernando Valley, where some of rock?s classic albums have been recorded. Comprised of four veteran musicians - John Baker (vocals/guitar), Jerry Beller (drums/vocals), Kerry Chicoine (bass/vocals) and Steve Mauk (keyboards/vocals) - Mars Hollow blend their unique individual musical voices into one captivating whole.

Mars Hollow take the foundation of ?70?s progressive rock ? classical-based song structures combined with melodic pop and rock sensibilities ? and update this classic formula for the new millennium. Seamlessly blending unexpected instrumental passages with traditional progressive, pop and rock motifs, Mars Hollow strive for songwriting perfection sprinkled with the left-turns necessary to keep the music challenging, all without devolving into mindless ego-stroking. In other words, it?s all about the song.

Mars Hollow?s self-titled debut album was produced, mixed and mastered by King Crimson associate Ronan Chris Murphy. Ronan has also been involved with such artists as Terry Bozzio, Steve Morse, Tony Levin, Steve Stevens, Mike Keneally, the California Guitar Trio, and Nels Cline.

"We're very happy to be on the 10T Records roster," says Mars Hollow bassist/songwriter Kerry Chicoine, "and, considering the caliber of the artists they've signed in the past, we're very flattered as well. We?re looking forward to a positive and fulfilling relationship with 10T Records."

"There are some bands that have that unique ability to instantly captivate the ear and dominate your attention," says 10T Records president, Steve Carroll. "Mars Hollow was able to accomplish that feat almost instantly within the first track of their debut CD and then hold onto it throughout. We are genuinely excited to be able to bring this music to larger audience."

Mars Hollow is available for immediate pre-sale through the 10T Records website. All orders received between now and the official release date will ship by the end of the week prior to the official release. Additionally, all tracks from Mars Hollow are available to preview in their entirety through the 10T Records website:


After June 8, Mars Hollow will be available at your favorite retail outlet for immediate purchase.

[Source: 10T Records]

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