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Other: Erik Norlander Debuts New Video From The Galactic Collective

Posted on Sunday, October 24 @ 00:25:00 UTC by nightowl

Master keyboardist and prolific Moog synthesizer user Erik Norlander launched his latest video "Garden Of The Moon," a visual rendition of the instrumental song from his most recent CD release The Galactic Collective on YouTube October 20th. The Galactic Collective is a prog rock tour de force of re-imaginings of Norlander's best instrumental compositions written for Lana Lane, Rocket Scientists and his previous solo albums. To view the video, please visit www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJ5Q4Mv7RS4.

"Garden Of The Moon was the breakthrough album for my wife, Lana Lane, and it changed both of our lives," says Norlander. "I wrote the title track as an instrumental theme to open and close an otherwise very vocal-oriented album. The song stands strong on its own, however, and I am really proud of the re-imagining we gave it for The Galactic Collective. It has such a powerful energy with the unison guitar and drum cadence, and this compositional technique was one that I would use on many future songs including 'Sunset Prelude' (2000), 'Astrology Prelude' (2000) and 'Metamorphosis' (2003) among others. I recorded this new version with three incredible musicians from the Akron, Ohio area: Freddy DeMarco (g), Mark Matthews (b) and Nick LePar (d). I think this version really takes the song to a whole new level."

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