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CD/DVD Releases: Eloah - ''Ode To Brother Horn'' Out Now

Posted on Sunday, October 31 @ 01:30:00 UTC by nightowl

While not a new release, as it came out in 2008, Two Side Moon Productions is getting the word out about Ode To Brother Horn, "a breathtaking album for progressive rock fans. It is one of those albums that commands numerous plays to fully grasp the alluring music and musicianship, and then world of Eloah sinks in. We at TSM thoroughly adore this album particularly the track 'Chjong Nadah Boo' which is beautiful, deep and moody in the style of Marillion and one track all radio stations should pick up on.

"'Eloah is the musical project of Elmar C. Fuchs[,' Fuchs explains. ']It started 1993. Until now, several audio CDs have been recorded, comprising the input of many other musicians to whom I send heartily thanks for their contributions.

"'The biography of the Eloah project is best desribed by describing its results - the audio CDs:

"'2008: Ode To Brother Horn: Who is brother horn? Very seldom you find people with whom you can communicate without talking - with whom you feel spiritually compatible. J?rg Horner (Brother Horn) was such friend for me - a soul brother. We could make music for hours and hours, inspiring each other, not thinking of what we were doing, just letting the music flow out, thereby creating itself. The CDs Mondstein and Mondstein 2 - Ample Jazz are examples of that - this is heart blood music for me, it reaches deeply into my soul.

"'The music on this album was composed in the early 90s, a time, when we had a lot of fun together; a time, when I learned from him how to let myself fall into music. Although this music is somewhat different from what we created together, he was still my musical mentor at that time, listening carefully to each composition I proudly presented to him, planting the seeds of my musical evolution.

"'J?rg Horner is dead. My love for him lives. In order to honor his memory, I dedicate this album to him, to his widow and his daughter. I n my heart, he will live forever.'

"'...Mining the same musical territroy as Stomu Yamashta and Jade Warrior, Austrian artist-musician Elmar C. Fuchs is a new age master with a progressive-rock sensibility. (...) In the end, the overall affect is nothing short of enchanting. ... ' (14 of 16 points / Nick Tate, Progression Magazine)

"'... As a whole, Ode To Brother Horn is an enjoyable and innovative album that melds several distinct genres and sounds together. ....' (4.5 stars / Rukshan Thenuwara ? MuzikReviews.com Staff)

"'...Ode To Brother Horn is well-produced, and the entire album sounds clean and professional. (...) Fans of new age and progressive rock should definitely pick this one up. ....' (Chris & the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team)

"Band Line Up:

Elmar C. Fuchs - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Peter Jaklitsch - electric guitar
Michael Lukas - electric guitar, bass
Ulrich Krispel - electric guitar
Roman Baier - electric guitar
Manfred Temmel - electric guitar
Hoimar Wotawa - bass
Vladimir Vesic - drums


1. Yuri Soul Of Light Part One
2. Paradise Lost
3. Chjong Nadah Boo
4. संसार (In Vain)
5. Iron Lady
6. You Have Never Been Mine
7. Hymn to Brother Horn
8. Eloah (A Dirge For Brother Horn)
9. Father
10. The Human Legacy
11. Listen To Your Soul
12. Eyes Like A Lioness
13. What You Mean To Me
14. Yuri Soul Of Light Part Two"


[Source: TSM Productions]

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