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Other: Believe Release ''Cut Me Paste Me'' Video

Posted on Sunday, January 16 @ 15:00:00 UTC by nightowl

To coincide with the US release date of Believe’s album World Is Round, the band has posted the video clip to a track promoting the album onto their YouTube site.

Why was "Cut Me Paste Me" chosen for that purpose? As the band say: "'Cut Me Paste Me' represents the heavier part of World Is Round. The song's uncompromising melody and arrangement is the reason why the video for this particular song is being produced. We thought it was worth making use of powerful images to emphasize that. The whole video will constitute a metaphor of the song's subject matter, which is about the way the media today think of a human being, that is, as of an empty object. This object can be 'cut & pasted' and, finally, 'deleted'. Whether the video will turn out to be what it was intended to, judge for yourselves."

The footage for the video was shot on the 28th of November at two clubs in Warsaw: La Melange and H20. The director of the video is Tomek Niedzielko, and the whole production is being coordinated by the Magogo crew. The video features a guest appearance by Iza Meldo.

World Is Round is Believe's fourth studio album. The production of the album was handled by the former guitarist of the Polish blues-rock legend Breakout - Winicjusz Chróst. It was recorded this summer by the following line-up: Mirek Gil (guitars), Karol Wróblewski (vocals), Satomi (violin), Vlodi (drums), Przemas (bass guitar), and Konrad Wantrych (keys). World Is Round features excellent songs, constituting a metaphysical reflection on human life, its cyclical nature and ultimate meaning. It's an excellent album for demanding and sensitive listeners!

World Is Round is available in two versions: a standard CD and a limited digipack edition featuring a bonus track! Metal Mind Productions set up the release date for 3rd January 2011 in Europe and 11th January in USA (via MVD).

[Source: Metal Mind Productions]

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