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CD/DVD Releases: New Release From Unicorn Digital: SLP - ''Perception''

Posted on Saturday, February 12 @ 18:05:00 UTC by nightowl

Sébastien Lépine has established a solid reputation in the realm of classical music, yet he is also a highly versatile artist, a musical renaissance man who never hesitates to venture out on the uncertain path of experimentation. SLP (for Sébastien Lépine Project) finds the cellist temporarily swapping his precious Stradivarius for an electric cello, backed by the stalwart musicianship of guitarist Martin Carbonneau, bassist Ian Peterson, and drummer Denis Marchand. Within this electric chamber ensemble, if one may so call it, he delivers his own jazz-infused progressive rock compositions, creating an eclectic, yet attractive amalgamation of sounds.

Inspired by the likes of King Crimson, Pat Metheny, and Gentle Giant, the former pupil of cello master Janos Starker explores the many facets of the electric cello through remarkably well-written works that brilliantly showcase the spectacular instrument. Featuring electric guitar, electric bass, and drums, the performance is as surprising as it is uniquely innovative.

Thus, with SLP, Lépine lets his fertile imagination run rampant, ever eager to cast the anchor of his creative mind into unexplored territory. May the audience sail along with him... and bon voyage!

Perception was released December 20, 2010 online at Unicorn Digital; January 15, 2011 everywhere else.

Order your copy at www.unicorndigital.com/store.html; MP3 samples available at www.unicorndigital.com/mp3.html

Unicorn Digital now on Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Unicorn-Digital/124380484289925

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