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CD/DVD Releases: Phi Yaan-Zek Releases ''Dance With The Anima''

Posted on Sunday, February 13 @ 15:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Phi Yaan-Zek, with Marco Minnemann, released Dance With The Anima via Age Of Wonder back on November 22.

For his 4th solo album adventure Dance With The Anima, London based guitarist Phi Yaan-Zek teams up again with world renowned drummer Marco Minnemann (Paul Gilbert/ Modern Drummer cover star) and keyboard virtuoso Lalle Larsson (Agents Of Mercy/Karmakanic). The music is a dazzling film score style prog rock/fusion journey that has been skillfully composed to Marco Minnemann's live unedited 51 minute drum solo. This CD is part of Marco Minnemann's Normalizer 2 series of releases which also includes albums by Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa/Joe Satriani/Steve Vai), Trey Gunn (King Crimson), Alex Machacek, Jason Sadites, John Czajkowski, Mario Brinkmann and Marco himself.

The challenge for the project was to write and record 51 minutes of music over Marco's live improvised non-stop drums. The ground rules were that the drums were not to be edited in anyway, all the music had to fit with what Marco played and, ideally, make it seems like only this drum performance could go with this music and that each musician would not to allowed to listen to the other versions until they had completed their own.

Phi's approach was to treat the drums in the same way as the pacing structure of a scene to a film with the end result being an album that has the depth, quality and feel of a timeless movie soundtrack. It might seem at times that you're in a the middle of a thrilling James Bond chase scene, but equally the music moves into David Gilmore style lyrical guitar playing, fiery gypsy jazz, dramatic neo-classical rock build-ups, weird Frank Zappa complexity and Steve Vai-like munchkin playfulness.

Over the years Phi's unique musical voice has made him much in demand both as a guitar player and composer, and as such he has recorded and performed with such inspirational musicians as Mike Keneally, Marco Minnemann, Bumblefoot (Guns N' Roses), Bryan Beller (Steve Vai), Andy Edwards (Robert Plant, IQ) and Lalle Larsson (Karmakanic, Agents of Mercy) whom he met in the early 90s as a fellow student at the American Institute of Music in Vienna, Austria.

The Band:

Phi Yaan-Zek - all guitars, bass
Lalle Larsson - keyboards
Marco Minnemann - drums


1. Adventures In Myth
2. Midnight Tryst
3. Ecstasies Of The Starlight Self
4. Lallejee's Animatronics
5. Inamorata In Peril - Part One
6. Dirt Under The Fingernails
7. Twisted To The 7th Degree Off Starboard
8. Four Daughters Of Phrygia
9. Inner Constellations Of Feeling
10. Melodies Of Me
11. Mariana's Guide To The Deep
12. Signposts
13. Dance With The Anima
14. The Tactile Ones
15. Synchro-Gnostic Mirrorball Gyrations
16. Melodies Of Me Too
17. Jade Fluid
18. Maid With Spanish Fly
19. Precipices
20. Inamorata In Peril - Part Two
21. Flirting With Intensity
22. A Healing Of Shattered Hearts

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