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CD/DVD Releases: Musea Releases For March...

Posted on Sunday, February 13 @ 17:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Among the releases from Musea Records for March is La Theorie Des Cordes' Première Vibrations. La Theorie Des Cordes is a French trio (guitar/piano/drums), helped by a guest musician on bass and saxophone. Seven mid-long instrumental pieces make Premières Vibrations (Musea Parallèle, 2011), a concept-album about the so-called string theory, and its meaning regarding the place of Man in the Universe.

Here's a very peculiar brand of Progressive jazz-rock, complex but not showing-off, somewhere between Jean-Pascal Boffo, Priam, King Crimson, Frank Zappa and Pat Metheny, showcasing a unique sound combination between piano and guitar. The music is fluid, lively and dynamic, including rhythms sometimes reminding Eastern Europe folk music, een getting close to hard-rock at times, but most of the time concentrated on suggestive musical atmospheres. Premières Vibrations is enhanced by a splendid booklet, filled with poems and photographs. To be discovered!

Also to be released in March is Lost World's In Concert. Lost World is the name of a Russian progressive rock band, founded in the year 1990 by Andrii Didorenko (guitar, bass & violin), Vassily Soloviev (flute & drums) and Alex Akimov (keyboards & programming), who were music college students at that time. After a period of intensive gigging and recording between 1991 and 1994, the singer Alexei Rybakov joined the group. Seven albums were recorded in a five year period, self-released in very limited quantities. Let's also mention the participation in the Music For Brains concert series in winter-spring 1999.

The first official studio album of Lost World eventually saw the light of day on the Boheme Music label in 2003. Shortly before the release of Trajectories, Alexei Rybakov decided it was time for a move. The band could be heard performing on the 2005 and 2006 editions of the InProg Festival in Moscow. Their second album Awakening Of The Elements eventually sees the light of day at the end of 2006. And this is great news for the Musea label that welcomes the Slavic band in its catalogue! These twelve instrumental pieces reveal a very high musical level, worthy of the flattering reputation gained by the Russian classical musicians. And it's not by chance if the classical influences are so much present, sharing the front of the stage with the British School of Progressive rock, reminding [us of] other fellow countrymen such as Little Tragedies or Horizont. Here's a very dynamic and lively music, with incredible violin parts, frantic but not heavy rhythms, and suggestive melodies. The ingredients that make this real masterpiece might recall Kansas ("Magnum Opus") or UK here and there, without forgetting the Japanese musicians of KBB, but this is mostly for the pleasure of finding comparisons. This music is above all full of personality and enthusiasm. Here's a natural candidate for the Best Album of the Year award!

The third album Sound Source (2009) continues to showcase dynamic chamber music, mixing classical and rock influences, with a strong musical identity above all. These sixteen concise instrumental tracks reveal impressive technical skills, linked with a huge musical culture. But the band also tries to develop a search for authenticity, in recording nature sounds live, for instance.

Lost World proves once again its belongings to the best current Progressive rock outfits, sincere and constantly inspired by a true love of music.

Outside is a French Progressive rock band performing a pleasant music, based more on epic guitar parts and keyboards crescendos that can evoke Genesis in their Wind And Wuthering period as well as Marillion's neo progressive [style], though calmer and less dramatic. The Limit will to be released this March.

And lastly, there's Porcelain Moon's …As it Were, Here and There. Porcelain Moon is a Finnish band made [up] of seven young musicians who shared for some years a common passion for Pink Floyd and progressive rock. Their music contains the usual sounds Seventies lovers appreciate: Hammond and Wurlitzer organs, analog synthesizers, Fender Stratocaster guitar, cello, a female singer and a rhythm section... Just imagine this wild bunch of musicians on stage! ...As It Were, Here And There (Musea Parallèle, 2011) offers seven midlong tracks, and the result may recall early Pink Floyd, but also Camel (even) in the quietest moments, and The Doors for the unquiet ones! With a strong psychedelic touch, some hints from Scandinavian folk music and intense vocals, Porcelain Moon proves to be enthusiastic, sincere and generous. Fragile? No way!

[Source: Musea Records]

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