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CD/DVD Releases: Huw Lloyd-Langton's ''Hard Graft'' To Be Released June 21

Posted on Monday, April 11 @ 15:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Legendary Hawkwind Guitarist Releases Lloyd Langton Group's Latest Effort

"Huw emerges from the Hawkwind shadows..." - Classic Rock Magazine

Huw Lloyd-Langton's music history spans over 40 years. He has been on the road with various bands since 1967 - all catalogued in his biography. Huw has been associated with Hawkwind so long it is sometimes hard to separate him from that amazing mother ship. But in truth, Huw has always been an independent musical gypsy. When not on the road with Hawkwind he always had his own band the Lloyd Langton Group (LLG). He achieved top 10 chart success in UK in 80s with 2 of his solo LLG albums and 2 singles. When not touring and recording with bands Huw has performed countless solo acoustic concerts.

Huw is recognized in UK as one of the finest ever rock guitarists. To the hundreds of thousands Hawkwind fans worldwide Huw is a legend. When he appears at their concerts with LLG or as a solo acoustic artist he always receives a standing ovation.

Earlier this year, Cleopatra Records released a solo classical album worldwide [called] Classical Tales. This lovely thoughtful album is a collection of short classical guitar pieces showing yet another side to Huw's talents.

Despite two serious illnesses since 2001 curtailing his work on the road, he has managed to come back fighting to record and perform again. However during this period he continued his work with the Killing Cancer Charity and the mental health charity Restore. For more information, see his official website.

Huw has been asked to perform his solo acoustic set to open 70s progressive rock band Nektar's month [long] tour being planned by Cleopatra Records in USA end of July/August 2011. Huw lasted tour the US with Widowmaker in 1976 then 1977. Both their albums were in the top 50 national charts.

Physical copies of Huw's new LLG album Hard Graft have only been released in UK, receiving great reviews in the press and on-line media. He has also collected rave reviews on various radio stations. One of Huw's solo acoustic blues tracks on Hard Graft, "So Long Baby," reached number 1 spot on EKR Radio September 2010.

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