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CD/DVD Releases: Salva Return With ''Thirst''

Posted on Saturday, October 01 @ 20:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Per Malmberg (vocals, guitar, keyboards, etc) writes us to say "Swedish prog band Salva are back with their 3rd album and long awaited follow-up to the highly acclaimed Left To Burn, released in 2007. The band are now signed to UK label White Knight Records which will hopefully result in more people discovering this unique band.

"The new album, Thirst, consists of 7 tracks filled to the brim with Salva's trademark sound combining symphonic prog, hard rock/metal and folk/singer-songwriter.

"The band's influences range from the 70's prog by Yes, Genesis, Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd via hard rock/metal by Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Rainbow to Scandinavian and Celtic Folk mixed with pop sensibilities and even the odd splash of Jazz for good measure."

Tracklist for Thirst:

1. Exclamation Point 9:14
2. Primoris Iugum 7:43
3. Adjustment for all 11:59
4. Can of worms 5:09
5. Frost 8:02
6. Losing battle 3:35
7. One week 10:00

Purchase it here

[Source: Salva]

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