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CD/DVD Releases: Rush Frontman Says New Album Should Arrive Next Spring

Posted on Sunday, November 06 @ 15:15:00 UTC by nightowl

As part of a longer piece (which you can read here), Rolling Stone.com's Andy Greene asked Rush bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee "What's the status of the next album?"

Lee replied: "We're almost finished writing. We wound the machine back up about three weeks ago. After a sluggish start, we've had a very fruitful couple of weeks in terms of writing. I'm very pleased with the direction that the material has taken. And I think we have one or two more songs that we'd like to write, and then we'll start recording in earnest. Hopefully we'll have all of the recording done before Christmas. Then we'll mix it some time in the next year, and then get it out. [...] I hope it'll be out by the spring anyway."

Also in the interview, Lee talks about performing Moving Pictures in its entirety and whether the band is bigger now. "We feel invigorated by the success of the band. We feel invigorated by the quality of the material that we seem to be able to write. Frankly, I think we've come to a point in our lives where we feel like we're playing the best we've ever played as a live band," Lee says.

"Are you ever stunned by the level of fan devotion to your band?"

"Yeah, I'm constantly shocked by that, frankly. There is no accounting for taste, I guess. [Laughs]. M ost bands with a cult following can't go our and play arenas and stadiums all over the world. You sort of break the mold that way. We're a hard band to explain, I think. Some of our detractors scratch their heads and they don't understand why we were such a success in the first place, let alone 40 years later. I don't try to understand it. I just try to enjoy it, frankly."

[Source: from a Blabbermouth.net repost]

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