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CD/DVD Releases: The Mercury Tree - New Album To Be Released This Summer

Posted on Sunday, May 13 @ 15:20:00 UTC by nightowl

New Song Available For Streaming

Since the release of their most recent album, Pterodactyls, last August, The Mercury Tree found itself at a turning point. Pterodactyls was an epic concept album whose songs felt very much of a piece, and upon its successful completion, it seemed time for a fresh approach. New bass player Aaron Clark has brought a spacier mood to the proceedings, using creative techniques such as E-Bowed bass.

On the new album, the band wanted to try to bridge the gap between its highly layered studio sound and its more direct live sound. To that end, many of the new songs are based around live looping. This allows a combination of complex layered guitar parts with the power and energy of organic live drums and bass. "We wanted the new songs to be both more progressive and more melodic," explains guitarist Ben Spees. "'Inflexus' is one of the harder-edged examples of this new approach. We are really excited about these new songs and can't wait to finish recording the new album."

The new, still untitled album will be released this Summer. Listen to Inflexus .

[Source: Prog-Sphere Promotions]

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