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CD/DVD Releases: Henta Releases Her New Album, ''Butterfly Song''

Posted on Sunday, May 20 @ 14:05:00 UTC by nightowl

Henta [who most recently provided vocals on Echo Us's Tomorrow Will Tell The Story] writes immersive music, taking you on a kaleidoscopic journey melding the ambient and acoustic, with her sensual voice as your guide.

Butterfly Song is a story of metamorphosis, transformation, passion and compassion. It documents the flight back into the world following a time of reflection, self-discovery and recaptured joy, gained during a new chapter of life. It speaks of freedom from the paralysis of fear so deeply and inherently engrained within us. It is also a call to action for people to awaken from a state of passive observation into a proactive mindset that benefits both community and the planet.

Henta is an independent Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, sonic-nurturer and producer originally from the UK, now living in Roslyn, WA.

Butterfly Song is Henta’s fifth release and follows her last album release Laserium For The Soul which was nominated for a Grammy in 2009 and highlights her musical evolution over the past 20 years.

The musical style of this album is a hybrid of electronic, pop and folk music with the sonic wonders and vibration of acoustic instruments.

This album aims to soothe your soul, help comfort heartbreak, put a smile on your face and make you think about your world. It is practical and whimsical, happy and sad, as well as many other shades in-between.

Guest musicians: Joining Henta on this album are musicians from Seattle, Portland and Roslyn featuring: Maria Scherer Wilson (cellist on "Rain"), Ethan Matthews (acoustic & electric guitars "Magic Queen" remix), Jim Graham (upright bass on "Magic Queen" remix), Marcell Marias (dumbek "Magic Queen" Remix), Roger Beardsley (acoustic bass "Shine Again" and "Back To Peace"), Hugh Fraser (banjos on "Shine Again").

[Source: Absolute Probability]

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