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CD/DVD Releases: Mr Gil - Listen To Another Track From The Forthcoming Album

Posted on Sunday, June 10 @ 21:05:00 UTC by nightowl

Mirek Gil (ex-Collage, Believe) returns with the fourth studio album by his project Mr Gil. The album entitled I Want You To Get Back Home brings the best, the most thoughtful compositions in the history of the band. Mirek Gil wrote wonderful, moving melodies. The words emphasize the atmosphere and tell a story of homecoming - of a travel which sometimes is not easy, but is still beautiful. The sound is perfectly complemented by the cello and piano. I Want You To Get Back Home was released on June 4th in Europe and will be released July 10th in USA (via MVD).

Today [May 20], Mr Gil reveal another track of the new album. You can listen to the song "Come Home" at this location.

[Source: Metal Mind]

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