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CD/DVD Releases: Luca Turilli's Rhapsody: New Album And Project Announced!

Posted on Sunday, June 23 @ 14:00:00 UTC by nightowl

"We are very proud to announce that the new Rhapsody album will be released in June/July 2014 by Nuclear Blast. Once again it will be produced by me and it will be recorded and mixed by Sebastian Röder at the Backyard Studios of Kempten (Germany)” states Luca Turilli.

Dominique Leurquin, the guitar player, adds: “After the great success of Ascending To Infinity, for which we'll never stop thanking our supporters and the international press, a new opus of cinematic metal will soon see the light and once more the wonderful and versatile voice of Alessandro Conti, ranging from heavenly and crystalline high tones to the dramatic power of an operatic tenor, will surprise most of the people while painting musical landscapes of rare beauty!"

Luca continues, spending a few words about his new upcoming project too: "In the last years I always dreamed of starting a second business activity in connection with cinema and other important media. I finally decided to take the big step in this direction and in a short time I will present my new music production company. Through it I will offer my services as arranger, being specialized in the creation of epic / orchestral / modern arrangements of all styles, but also as composer and artistic producer for all kinds of music (Metal, Rock, Pop, Classical, Opera, Folk, etc.) and mainly for all the media-related world (TV, Cinema, Videogames, etc.). I am actually selecting some top-level partners to offer and extend the services of my company to a worldwide level. More details about the same company and the new album will follow soon!"

Videoclip "Clash Of The Titans"
Videoclip "Dark Fate Of Atlantis"
Rhapsody Songpier

[Source: Nuclear Blast]

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