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CD/DVD Releases: Yeti Rain's New Album Now Available

Posted on Sunday, June 23 @ 15:00:00 UTC by nightowl

The new Yeti Rain album Stars Fall Darkly was officially released on April 16, 2013. It's available via iTunes, CD Baby and Bandcamp.

Stars Fall Darkly is the fourth and latest release from the genre-defying American trio Yeti Rain. Merging dark ambient explorations ("Cradled”, "Playground”, “Nuclear Winter”, and "Ghosts of Birds"), slithering death-jazz ("Stars Fall Darkly”, "And It Crawled Out"), and hard-grooving avant-rock ("Imperial Radio Infection”, "Marseille Car Chase"), Yeti Rain has again dreamed up an unsettling and uncompromising new album.

Tracklist: "Cradled" (2:00), "Stars Fall Darkly" (6:00), "Imperial Radio Infection" (4:36), "Playground, Nuclear Winter" (6:24), "I Shall Never Speak Of Her Again" (12:04), "Present" (4:38), "Ghosts Of Birds" (5:00), "And It Crawled Out" (2:47), "Thundershark In A Dry Asylum" (5:19), "Marseille Car Chase" (5:14)

Line-up: Roger Ebner: saxophones, wind synthesizer, bedouin flute, voice on "Present" and "Imperial Radio Infection"; William Kopecky: fretted and fretless basses, voice on "Imperial Radio Infection"' Craig Walkner: acoustic and electronic percussion

[Source: Yeti Rain]

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