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CD/DVD Releases: Schemata Theory - Explosive UK Metal Newcomers Release Debut Album

Posted on Sunday, June 23 @ 16:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Bursting onto the UK metal/prog-metal scene all guns blazing, energetic new Reading-based six-piece Schemata Theory unleashed their explosive debut album Dry Lung Rhetoric on June 3.

The album, which was recorded at the renowned Stakeout Studios and produced by Jason Wil***** (Fightstar, We Are The Ocean, The Ghost of A Thousand), features 11 tracks and includes a guest appearance from Mutiny Within’s Chris Clancy on final track, "The Final Breath."

Combining many aspects of the metal genre, Dry Lung Rhetoric fuses classic thrash riffing, progressive technical instrumental passages, melodic hooks and soaring choruses, creating a set of songs that are accessible, original and thought provoking.

From the groove-metal oriented "Perish Or Prevail" to the piano driven ballad "Your Belief," through to the more commercially melodic "Drones" and catchy lead single "A Complex Slate," the album is an experimental mix of eclectic metal infusions with the influence of bands such as Dream Theater and Metallica being prominent in the complex song structures, technical riffs and prominent guitar solos.

The message behind the album is an interesting one. "The album’s themes communicate acknowledgement of a sleeping world needing to wake up," explains psychology graduate and vocalist Myles Dyer. "With so much evidently in crisis on this planet, the question that must be asked is 'How much longer can we go on turning a blind eye?'"

The band has released an impressive and eye-catching video for lead single "A Complex Slate," which has already gained in excess of 45,000 views [as of 4/29 -ed.].

View the video here: youtu.be/0gLG_KCY_D0

The single is available to download now on iTunes.

Live date: Sept 22 – Rock and Metal Circus Festival, Stoke Prior Bromsgrove

Schemata Theory are:

Myles Dyer - Vocals
Luke Wright - Vocals
Huw Roch - Lead Guitar
Mario Scinto - Rhythm Guitar
Carl Quanstrom - Bass
Joshua Baretto - Drums

Album Track List:

1. A Dark Dawn (2:08)
2. Perish or Prevail (4:39)
3. Drones (4:52)
4. Emergence (5:12)
5. A Complex Slate (4:44)
6. Six into Three (4:59)
7. Shedding Skin (5:31)
8. Crisis Unveiled (9:36)
9. Your Belief (4:58)
10. A Brighter Future (2:20)
11. The Final Breath (8:49)

[Source: Toxic Arrow Media]

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