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CD/DVD Releases: Trion Release Their Third Album, "Funfair Fantasy," July 2, 2013

Posted on Monday, June 24 @ 13:00:00 UTC by nightowl

Trion, the well-known Dutch prog-trio, releases its third studio album on July 2, 2013.

In 2011 Trion was invited to make a contribution to Finnish project Decamerone of Colossus [The Finnish Progressive Music Association].

This invitation led to Trion composing the track "Fast Forward." Since that occasion, the renewed enthusiasm led to composing and rehearsing in 2012. Recording started in early 2013 and thus resulted in completing Trion’s third album, entitled Funfair Fantasy.

The album has been released on the Polish label Oskar of Mr. Witold Andree and is being distributed worldwide.

Funfair Fantasy contains 10 tracks, composed in Trion's style. Within these tracks there was room for experimentation while "spontaneity" was a keyword when recording the album.

For Trion this album means a logical development, after the band’s two previous albums.

Trion is quite confident that Funfair Fantasy will find its way to fans of the prog/symfo genre once more.

As a starter you can find a trailer on YouTube.

Trion are:

Edo Spanninga - keyboards
Eddie Mulder - guitars, bass
Menno Boomsma - drums, percussion

1. Ampelmannchen (6:38)
2. Gananoque (2:29)
3. Scotland (11:30)
4. In The Distance (5:43)
5. Wandering (2:16)
6. Towers (4:19)
7. Sealth (3:00)
8. Meat Prizes (4:56)
9. Song For Canada (5:23)
10.Secret Matter (7:05)

[Source: Eddie Mulder/Trion]

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