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CD/DVD Releases: What Festival/F2 Brought To You In November, And December, Too

Posted on Monday, December 30 @ 17:12:01 UTC by nightowl

Continuing our catchup on new releases (more or less), here is what Festival Music/F2 shared in the last couple of months, plus what they have on the horizon:

Also Eden - [Redacted] - "We are pleased to confirm that [Redacted], the new CD by Also Eden has now been released," they announced on November 14. "The new CD consists of 8 stunning brand new studio tracks, with a great production. Also Eden play melodic Prog Rock with an edge - superb musicianship with emotive vocals, drawing influences from classic Prog rock artists such as Yes, Genesis, Marillion, Fish and Rush, as well as inspiration from the 'metal, fusion, classical and classic rock genres.'"

[Redacted] was released November 4, as a standard jewel case edition and includes the following tracks:

01. Red River / 02. Endless Silence / 03. Distortion Field / 04. A Lonely Idea / 05. Chronologic / 06. The Test / 07. Extend And Embrace / 08. Decoded

Manning - The Ragged Curtain - Expanded Edition and Number Ten - Expanded Edition - "Two new re-issues with bonus tracks!

"As the original titles are now sold out and officially deleted, we are re-issuing the Manning albums The Ragged Curtain and Number Ten as 'extended editions' in card sleeves, each containing a previously unreleased short bonus track. Details of the re-issues are below, and both [were] released on 18 November 2013.

The Ragged Curtain - Expanded Edition - Tracks: 01. A Ripple (From Ragged Curtains) (0:40) / 02. The Marriage Of Heaven & Hell: Tightrope (10:40) / 03. A Place To Hide (4:56) / 04. Where Do All The Madmen Go? (6:32) / 05. Stronger (5:33) / 06. What Is It Worth? (6:06) / 07. The Weaver Of Dreams (7:37) / 08. Ragged Curtains (25:55) - a) Flow / b) Sea / c) Waves / d) Stone / e) Tides / f) Sand / g) Undertow / h) Ebb / 09. Bonus track: What Is It Worth? (Live)

Number Ten - Expanded Edition - Tracks: 01. Ships / 02. The Final Chapter / 03. An Ordinary Day / 04. Bloody Holiday! / 05. Valentine's Night / 06. A Road Less Travelled / 07. Another Lazy Sunday / 8. The House On The Hill / 09. Bonus track: Ships (1995 Demo with Andy Tillison)

Of course, in October - as is the norm - Manning released his latest album, The Root, The Leaf & The Bone. "This excellent new release marks the return of the full electric band after the wonderful 'Akoustik' in 2012. This is Guy Manning's 14th release in 14 years - a unique achievement! This new release consists of the same high quality song writing, and whilst occasional similarities of Jethro Tull are evident, Manning albums are so much more, with memorable melodies throughout." And we'll catch up with the Manning machine before 2014 is out (I know, as if this posting, it hasn't yet begun).

The Root, The Leaf & The Bone includes the following tracks:

1. The Root, the Leaf & the Bone / 2. Decon(struction) Blues / 3. Autumn Song / 4. The Forge / 5. Old School / 6. Palace of Delights / 7. The Huntsman & the Poacher / 8. Mists of Morning Calling to the Day / 9. Amongst the Sleepers

And to conclude this round up, The Jeff Green Project - Elder Creek: "We are also extremely pleased to announce that Jeff Green (who also fronts tribute band The Illegal Eagles) will be joining the label to release his superb brand new album Elder Creek. Recorded between August 2009 and March 2013, the album explores the concept of memory, its loss and the part it plays in our lives, the lives of loved ones and society in general. Using both anecdotal and mythological subject matter, the album raises the question; if memories define who we are, then who indeed are we without them.

"The album features 7 tracks, with the final one lasting just under 20 minutes! The release date is provisionally set as 27 January 2014.

The line-up for the album includes Jeff on guitar and vocals, Mike Stobbie (ex Pallas) on keyboards, Pete Riley (Guthrie Govan, Wetton & Downes Icon, Keith Emerson) on drums, Garreth Hicklin (Illegal Eagles) on lead and backing vocals, and Andy Staples on bass. The album also includes guests performances from Alan Reed (ex Pallas – singing on the 20 minute closing track), Sean Filkins (ex Big Big Train, singing on the title track), and Phil Hilborne (who has played with Brian May, Glen Hughes, Keith Emerson, Steve Vai, and many more), amongst others."

[Admittedly, saying "December, too" is a misnomer, but it completed the rhyme - headlines ed.]

[Source: Festival Music/F2 Music]

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