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CD/DVD Releases: Vivaldi Metal Project Fundraising Campaign (helping deaf-blind children)

Posted on Sunday, July 13 @ 20:00:00 UTC by nightowl

As alluded to in our Lion Music item... We've reported it before, but, as Mistheria asks: "are you aware of the Vivaldi Metal Project? This is a new project of mine in collaboration with the bass player and composer Alberto Rigoni. We are going to rearrange Vivaldi's masterpiece 'The Four Seasons' in a Metal version with an amazing ALL-METAL-STAR lineup! The project will feature amazing musicians from all the world: Mark Boals, Mike LePond, John Macaluso, Joe Stump, Neil Zaza, Tommy Denander, to name a few already announced.

"We launched a fundraising campaign and part of the income raised will be donated to Lega del Filo d'Oro which helps deaf-blind children since 45 years.

Your support would be much appreciated and will help children in need! Please, check the official web page www.vivaldimetalproject.com/fundraising-campaign to know more details and to discover how you can donate and what you'll get in exchange (MP3 download, CD, USB stick, etc.)."

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