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CD/DVD Releases: News Notes - July 2014

Posted on Friday, September 12 @ 14:39:01 UTC by nightowl

Playing catch up from some items posted this past July, we learned that Redemption will release a live album, Live From The Pit, recorded at 2012's ProgPower USA festival.* (Although this info has not made it to the band's webpage, yet, but sort of on their Facebook page). It will be released September 16 via Sensory Records (and available through the Laser's Edge Group's retail arm, Laser's Edge.


Musea Records released/made available via distribution the following titles (only the first classified as prog specifically): L'Anthologia Progressive - Il Mosaico Prog Degli Anni Settanta (Cramps Compliation) (includes Le Orme, Gli Alluminogeni, Osanna, Banco, PFM, Museo Rosenbach, Metamorfosi, and many more - "An opportunity to (re)discover the cream of Italian prog from the year 1970"; Daniel Goyone's jazz release Goyone Blues, Lois Levan Sextet's jazz release The Other Side, Mike Mattison's rock release You Can't Fight Love, a slew of releases from the rock band Meat Puppets: Mirage, Meat Puppets II, Out My Way, Up On The Sun, Meat Puppets, Monsters, Huevos; NRBQ's Brass Tacks, and The Verve Pipe's The Overboard -- all released by Planetworks. From Talking Elephant: Astralasia - Blue Spores - A Collection Of Early Recordings/Curios, Celtus - Moonchild/Portrait (2 on 1), Green Diesel - Wayfareres All, Martyn Joseph - Being There/Martyn Joseph (2 on 1), Magna Carta - In Concert, Seasons, and Deserted Highways Of The Heart..., Sally Oldfield - Natasha, Rainbow Chasers - Chimes At Midnight, Ten Years After - The Friday Rock Show Sessions - Live At Reading 1983, Wishbone Ash - Illuminations - Deluxe 2CD edition, Bare Bones - Deluxe 2CD Edition, Bona Fide - Deluxe 2CD Edition, and The Power Of Eternity - Deluxe 2CD Edition.


Amplifier's Mystoria was released today in Europe. The band are scheduled to tour in Europe this October, starting at La Peniche in Lille, France on October 6 and concluding the first leg in Cacaofabriek, Helmond, Germany on October 17.


Oceans of Night released their latest, Midnight Rising, a "continuation of the ambient metal style established on 2006's Deep Horizon, The Shadowheart Mirror (2009), on through Domain in 2011," states the press release. Mastered by Joey Vera and featuring guest appearances by keyboardist Vivien Lalu, guitarist Chris Rifkin, and vocalist Stephanie Warren. Available from the band directly from their website or at CD Baby. Hear samples here.


Italian prog bassist and composer Alberto Rigoni is proud to announce that, together with guitarists Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie) and Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo, Simone Mularoni (known from DGM and Empyrios) is one of the special guests of the upcoming album Overloaded out on October 1st (Any and All Records). Mularoni also mixed the drums on the new album. At the following link you can see Simone recording some stunning guitars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Uu8ommjTAY. Also joining Rigoni, Denis Novello (drums) and Federico Solazzo (keyboards, plus mixing and mastering of the album).


The Maxium Rock Festival will take place at Turbohalle in Bucharest, Romania on October 24 and 25, 2014. Line up includes Evergrey, Tristania, Threshold, I'm The Trip, Dark Tranquillity, Unleashed, Elvenking, Emergency Gate, Code Red, and Open Mind with more bands to be announced.

*By the way, through attrition of other festivals no longer occurring, ProgPower USA has become the longest running US prog festival (though arguably, that distinction might also go to ProgDay), or so noted in the latest issue of Prog. It all started with a festival in the small confines of JJ Kelley's in Lansing, Illinois (just outside Chicago) over a cold and breezy (though dry) weekend in February 2001.

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