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Other: Queen - "A Night At The Opera" @ 40/InTheStudio Syndicated Radio Program Feature

Posted on Monday, December 28 @ 12:36:15 UTC by admin

While we've been again not just "lazing on a Sunday afternoon" but "lazing period!", North American syndicated Rock radio show and website InTheStudio: The Stories Behind History’s Greatest Rock Bands has not, and they, well, Redbeard, spoke to Queen songwriters, guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, about the make or break fourth album from Queen - A Night At The Opera [one of my favorites -lazing news ed.]

"It would be next to impossible to understate the importance of Queen’s November 1975 A Night At The Opera," says the press release, "both to the band’s career and to the album’s influence on rock thereafter. Brian May, one of the finest guitarists in rock history, is joined InTheStudio by Queen drummer Roger Taylor in this classic rock interview for the 40th anniversary of this eclectic hard rock album which included: 'Death On Two Legs,' 'I’m In Love With My Car,' the progressive rock 'The Prophet Song,' skiffle pub sing along '’39,' mainstream pop 'You're My Best Friend,' campy vaudeville 'Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon,' Freddie Mercury’s drop dead gorgeous love song 'Love Of My Life,' and the mock operetta song for the ages 'Bohemian Rhapsody.'

"Broke after three albums, Queen’s Brian May reveals to InTheStudio host Redbeard how desperate the band’s situation was, but also how determined they were to do it.

"'It was definitely sink or swim. If that album (A Night At The Opera) hadn’t done what it did, that would have been the end of the band... We took a lot of risks and that was always the name of the game, I suppose. And 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' in particular, everyone said, ‘you can’t put that out as a single’... Well that’s what we’re putting out and we’re not changing it.' - Brian May.

QUEEN A Night At The Opera @ 40 /InTheStudio interview is available now to STREAM at: www.inthestudio.net/redbeards-blog/queen-night-opera-40th-anniversary-brian-may-roger-taylor

[Source: Mark Fischer/InTheStudio]

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