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CD/DVD Releases: Prog Rockers Airbag Debut Track From Upcoming Album

Posted on Tuesday, May 24 @ 15:41:18 UTC by admin

With Disconnected, the fourth full-length album from Norwegian Prog Rockers Airbag, set to hit the streets on the 10th June, Karisma Records have today debuted the album’s opening track, "Killer," which can be heard exclusively at the following links: "Killer" at Team Rock) and "Killer" at Rock Hard.

Disconnected takes Airbag's trademark blending of musical styles, combined with lush soundscapes, soaring guitars and soulful vocals, a step further along the band's musical journey, whilst lyrically each of the six tracks explore the sense of alienation that exists between the individual and society.

As guitarist Bjorn Riis explains: "'Killer' was one of the first songs written for Disconnected. I had this idea of this ruthless corporate guy who uses everyone to gain success. Sort of Bateman from American Psycho meets Wall Street's Gordon Gekko. He’s outside, or disconnected from, the rules of our society.

"Musically, 'Killer' is slightly different from what we’ve done before. There’s more emphasis on the drums, different rhythm patterns and electronic elements, and it really was a band effort, where everyone was contributing ideas and trying out new stuff."

Disconnected, sees Airbag once again team up with long-time collaborator and engineer Vegard Sleipnes. The album is produced by Asle Tostrup and Bjørn Riis, and, as always, the artwork is designed by vocalist Tostrup.


1. Killer
2. Broken
3. Slave
4. Sleepwalker
5. Disconnected
6. Returned

Formed in 2004 Airbag's lineup consists of Bjørn Riis (guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, bass, co-producer), Asle Tostrup (vocals, keyboards, programming, producer, graphic design), Henrik Fossum (drums), Jørgen Hagen (programming, keyboards) and Anders Hovdan (bass). The band’s music is best described as scenic, epic rock, and with three hugely successful album releases, Identity (2009), All Right Removed (2011) and The Greatest Show on Earth (2013), Airbag has gained a solid following and reputation among both fans and the press.

Airbag will be performing a release show at the John Dee in Oslo, Norway, on the 10th June. Tickets available from www.ticketmaster.no/event/airbag-oak-billetter/495325

A video of Airbag playing "All Rights Removed" live in Oslo when the band supported Marillion on the Scandinavian leg of their world tour can be seen below.

Among various outlets (I'm sure), you can (pre)order this from Laser's Edge.

[On May 19 it was announced that keyboardist Hagen had decided to leave the band - news ed.]

[Source: Karisma Recordings]

[Having collected our mail yesterday, this disk was with me as I took the long way home. Put disk in player and here were my initial thoughts no more than a minute or two in, as I could already see the review take shape (!) - "You know how with some CDs, you know immediately you're going to like it? This is one of those CDs. It's very brooding and dark... a bit Pink Floyd-like..." and then I just listened (and paid attention to traffic LOL). I was already in what I've termed "necessarily reflective" mode due to some personal stuff, and the low key, meditative atmospheres of this CD fit my mood perfectly.... but then my life seems to have a soundtrack anyway. - ed.

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