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Artist News: Cast Celebrate 40th Anniversary

Posted on Sunday, September 02 @ 23:35:19 UTC by admin

Mexico's Cast are celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year and celebrating in two ways. One, on October 20, 2018, Cast will perform live at CEART Mexicali - the concert is free. Visit their website for details.

Secondly, the band will this month release a live Blu-Ray, Sinfonico Live - Cast playing live accompanied by an orchestra. The band are taking pre-orders now.

Listening to the trailer (see below), I can say it sounds marvelous!

Pre-order now and you can also receive the digital audio as a download when the Blu-Ray is released.

Cast formed in 1978 - ergo, the 40th Anniversary - and released their first album, Landing In A Serious Mind in 1994 after spending the intervening years honing their sound and bandleader Alfonso Vidales finding the right mix of musicians. But from 1993 to 1997, a quick succession of albums followed: Sounds of Imagination (1994), Third Call (1994), Four Aces (1995), Endless Signs (1995), Beyond Reality (1996), A View of Cast - Live (1996), and Angels and Demons (1997)/p>

A mere two years passed before another flurry of albums were released, Imaginary Window (1999), A Live Experience (1999), Legacy (2000), Lagunas De Volcanos (2000), Castalia (2001), Infinity (2002), Al-Bandaluz (2003), Nimbus (2004), The Pyramid Of The Rain (2005), Mosaïque (2006), Com.Union (2007), and Originallis (2008). All the while, the band enjoys playing on the international stage at festivals, leading to the creation of their own hosted festival, BajaProg.

A gap of three years passes, before Art (2011) is released; followed by Arsis (2014), Vida (2015), and last year's Power And Outcome (2017).

Quite a catalog of material. No tracklisting for the new Blu-Ray yet (though those who were at the concert(s) that comprise the video will surely know how far and wide, or not, into their ouevre they went).

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