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CD/DVD Releases: Pallas To Release "The Edge Of Time" December 12, 2019

Posted on Monday, December 09 @ 19:52:52 UTC by admin

UK progressive rock band Pallas are taking a look back at their past with the first in a series of archival releases, The Edge Of Time, to be released December 12, 2019 via Bandcamp only (at this time) available "in many formats including lossless, complete with a selection of alternate versions." But this not your typical archival release:

From the band's press release:

"The band has always featured both atmospheric and cinematic moments on albums throughout their history and this collection of new versions sets out to explore that element of the band further.

"Niall, Graeme, and Ronnie have been involved in film music side projects and have brought added cinematic elements to some tracks, whilst others follow a more atmospheric interpretation. The overall chilled and laid back concept of the album harks back to the days of plugging in the headphones and immersing yourself in a soundscape.

"The featured tracks encompass the whole of the band’s recorded career and are:

Violet Sky
New Life
Just A Memory
In Cold Blood
Ark Of Infinity
The Blinding Darkness Of Science
Something In The Deep
This Haunted Land
Stranger On The Edge Of Time"

Visit the band's website for more info on each of the tracks above, some of which have alternate versions included to round out the full 16 tracks.

An audiovisual preview clip is below

Pallas will be on tour during 2020, including a performance at Summer's End.

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