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Concerts: Katagory V Act As Metal Church's Ronny Munroe's Backing Band...

Posted on Sunday, December 09 @ 21:07:52 UTC by nightowl

As posted on the Katagory V's website and shared in their e-newsletter, they have confirmed that they will be performing as Metal Church vocalist Ronny Munroe's band in Las Vegas, NV on New Year's Eve.

"When we got the call from our friend Jeff (promoter, Loud Productions Company) about possibly putting together a New Years party in Las Vegas, we were totally game for that," comments bassist Dustin Mitchell. "However, we would not be performing as Katagory V, but instead as Ronny Munroe's backing band!

"We have been friends with Ronny for some time now, and when the favor was asked of us to help out with this gig, we had to no other answer but 'Hell Yes!'"

The Ronny Munroe New Year's Eve show will include songs from Metal Church, his solo CD, Rottweiler, Katagory V and more.

A flyer with information about this show can be viewed at this location: i10.photobucket.com/albums/a146/stracer44/ronnymunroeflyer3.jpg

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