Zingale Return With New Album
Date: Saturday, April 19 @ 18:48:45 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

After almost 30 years Zingale are back with new and excellent music in the form of a new album, The Bright Side. "Two of Zingale's founding members, Ephraim Barak & Udi Tamir, are planning the release of the first Zingale album since their 1977 debut, Peace. The new album, titled The Bright Side, was due to be released in 2007, but now the release date has been pushed to mid-2008.

"Barak & Tamir have written the new musical material, arranged it, recorded it and are now in the process of mixing the tapes and finding an appropriate label for this new prog-rock music. The album will introduce 14 tracks, half of them instrumental. The other Zingale band members are not involved in the new project." - Uri Breitman.

"By 1974 perhaps the most well known Israeli progressive band Zingale had emerged. [...] They were the first Israeli prog group to use theatrical elements in their concerts (masks, lightning etc.). [...] At a certain stage British [label] Decca records showed interest in the band but nothing came out of it eventually. [...] They started working on their classic and only album Peace and [at] the end of 1975 finished it. [...B]y far the most accomplished Israeli prog album ever. This is a great and essential album equally influenced by the Symphonic rock of Gentle Giant and Yes and by the stoned Jazz-rock of the Canterbury scene, in spite of all of these influences they managed to maintain their own identity and are highly important band. [...T]he album became [a] very rare and sought after album. It was reissued on CD in the 90's also in a limited and numbered edition. Which was sold out and also impossible to get now. [...] As a result of several members growing interest in religion and due to the lack of success, they eventually broke up, leaving only one album, a masterpiece." - excerpted from an article at the Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock - "A History of Progressive Rock" by Gil Keltch.

Zingale has been exposed to many people around the world, but disappeared, even though they survived in the net, and many prog sites through out the world wrote about them in many languages, and played their music.

Download "Sooner Or Later" mp3 sample from the upcoming Zingale album!

[Source: Zingale, Uri Breitman]

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