Rick Wakeman's Grumpy... Old Picture Show
Date: Sunday, April 20 @ 21:24:07 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

A new DVD is available through MVD Entertainment Group - Rick Wakeman - Grumpy Old Picture Show. The creative genius of rock legends Yes and consistent star of TV's Grumpy Old Men presents Rick Wakeman's Grumpy Old Picture Show, a truly unique show filmed live on tour. Take a front row seat as one of Rock's most legendary stars groans, moans and rants his way through the frustrations, irritations and issues with modern life. Delivered in side-splitting fashion, this hilarious one-man show also traces the extraordinary life, times, and escapades of Grumpy Old Wakeman, enhanced with rare photographs, music and previously unseen footage. Also includes live tracks performed by Wakeman from his many hit albums.

[Source: MVD Entertainment Group]

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