Solstice, Tinyfish, Citizen Cain Each Working On New Albums, More
Date: Friday, June 13 @ 05:26:31 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

Solstice are currently working on a new CD which we hope will be released later this year. In the meantime, try to get to one of their gigs - Solstice are one of the most entertaining live bands out there! [see Event Calendar]. Dates include a performance at Symforce 2 in Tilburg, NL on August 23.

Work is going well on the new Tinyfish CD The Big Red Spark, with the drums recently recorded at John Mitchell's (Arena, It Bites) studio. This is going to be one of the major releases of 2009! Catch them live October 1, 2008 at the Classic Rock Society, Rotherham, UK, a dual headline show with Touchstone.

Guy Manning (of Manning and The Tangent) has put together the new core Manning band line-up and includes Guy, Phil Wilkes (Keyboards), Kris Hudson-Lee (Bass, Vocals), Kev Currie (Guitar, Vocals), Danny Rhodes (Drums & Percussion), and Julie King (Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion). Manning have some live dates already confirmed, and will be playing material from Guy's superb and extensive back catalogue. Dates include the June 21 Rob Leighton Tribute Night at the Herringthorpe Centre, Rotherham, UK with Strangefish & Black Bonzo.

Work is progressing well on the new Citizen Cain CD - we hope to have more news on this next time. As previously announced, Festival Music will be releasing all of the Citizen Cain back catalogue over the next few months, before releasing the new CD in early 2009. Final release dates will be confirmed next time.

The debut CD by Dutch band Bittertown called Scenes From The Box is currently being mastered ready for release later in 2008. A concept album full of melodic tracks, it is sure to appeal to many Prog fans out there!

Following their appearance at RoSFest, Philadelphia, USA, this year interest in Credo has been astounding! The band are currently working on a new CD, to be released in early 2009, and are currently discussing a number of other concerts and festival with promoters. Already confirmed are dates in October and November, including the Subtacto Festival in Norway on October 17 and a Classic Rock Society show in Rotherham, UK supporting Ritual.

We'll leave you with some of the comments that followed Credo's appearance at RoSFest!

- Credo - the band got crowd ovations and everyone I talked too thought it was an amazing show. Second best concert of this weekend for me. And this band won themselves new fans by the bucketful this morning, the band are probably busy counting money from CD-sales still ;-)

- Credo was also a treat - enthusiastic, personable and really tasteful guitar work - exceeding expectations.

- Credo - Sunday morning is a tough slot for obvious reasons (those damn moomin again). Credo did exactly what is necessary to win the crowd over. They played a high energy set with passion and humour. Did I enjoy the show? Absolutely.

- Great music, great people, great fun...who could ask for anything more?

- The one that moved me was The Letter by Credo. It was like a chill and the hair on my arms stood on end.

- Credo was awesome Sunday morning. They put on a very good performance and really got the sleepy 11AM crowd into it with some humour.

-Other highlights where the friendly and amusing Credo putting on a great performance in the slot that demands a high standard, my wife's favourite band of the weekend with her "sounds like Marillion" comment, to me I can see the similarities but was amply unique enough for me to make it not a turn off.

- Credo were simply impeccable. Crunchy prog, an awesome singer with much passion and a fabulous sense of humour. Great harmonies, a very tight band. Sensational band!

- They simple blew everyone's socks off yesterday morning, and for the first time I can remember, I was so happy for a band that tears welled up when I saw their amazed and elated reaction to the crowd.

- My vote for the single most riveting performer: Patrik Lundstrom of Ritual followed by Mark Colton of Credo.

- Credo - Another fabulous wake up set! Mark was a riot on stage and totally won the crowd over with his stories before we even had the chance to enjoy the Rhetoric tracks. Loved the story about his son asking why a fan shot John Lennon and Mark explained that the fan shot John because he liked his music and Mark's son replied, "Daddy, I hope they don't like you in America." Kudos to Credo. Hope to see you back in the States soon.

- Credo What a nice surprise!!! These guys are awesome, as well as humorous!!

- Given the RoSFest tradition of having an energetic band open the day on Sunday, I was not surprised that Credo put on such a great show. Their front man was funny and engaging and the music was played with enthusiasm and great chops. I had already bought their album based on the strength of the one song I'd heard from them, and I'm glad I didn't have to stand in their huge merch line after the show. My second favourite act of the weekend, behind Ritual. They played all of the Rhetoric album and announced that it was the last time they'd be doing that.

- Tim Birrell of Credo probably had the best sound of all the guitarists at RoSFest.

- Credo was tremendous and the CD I bought there is just as good if not better because the production is awesome.

[Source: Festival Music]

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