Oceanfield - Debut Album Stolen Time On Stone Island Records...
Date: Friday, September 19 @ 08:00:00 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

Stone Island Records announces the release of Oceanfield's debut Stolen Time, which was first released in February 2008 and released by Stone Island in June. Review from Rick Wakeman's Classic Rock Society magazine Summer 2008:

"Formed in the Lake District in 2006 Oceanfield are something of a prog fan's dream. Complex, ever changing, and with a multitude of twists and turns, this is a superb piece of progressive rock with its roots firmly in the 70s. It probably leans more towards the folkier end of prog and the vocals of Jane Barrett will please fans of the likes of Sonja Kristina but the overall impression is that I've just listened to a real Prog nugget of gold."

Featuring the power vocals of Jane Barrett, Oceanfield have a wonderful, long music career ahead- guaranteed!!! Brilliant music! Available on CD or instant secure download.

Check out Oceanfield on Stone Island Radio and the live video featured. See them at a venue near you soon!!!

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