Believe's ''This Bread Is Mine'' Update
Date: Friday, July 24 @ 05:05:00 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

The premiere of the new album by the progressive rock band Believe is just around the corner. The band?s third full-length album entitled This Bread Is Mine will be released by Metal Mind Productions on 31st August in Europe and 6th October in USA (via MVD).

Just to give you a foretaste of the new material, the band posted on their official Myspace site a full version of the title track ? ?This Bread Is Mine?:

Mirek Gil: "The guitar riff is the quintessence of this track. I think I do not have to add how important the riff was in the history of rock music. You know ? Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and so on? It was the riff that showed the direction for the track 'This Bread Is Mine.' I think it is a key element of this song.?

Believe promotes the new album This Bread Is Mine with the title track and the choice was not accidental. As the band says this track not only best represents the content of the album but it also emphasizes the possible breaking point in the band?s musical career.

Karol Wr?blewski: "I do hope this track will let you feel the essence of yourself and will let you see all the elements that are shaping you. Just like I discovered them for myself co-writing this song. You need to discover yourself if these are bad or good elements?.

Believe?s current line-up:

Karol Wr?blewski - vocal
Mirek Gil ? guitars (ex-Collage, ex-Satellite)
Przemas Zawadzki ? bass guitar (ex-Collage, ex-Satellite)
Satomi - violin
Vlodi Tafel ? drums (ex-Mr.Gil)

Guest musician:

Paulina Druch (cello)

This Bread Is Mine will be available in two versions. The standard edition will feature 11 tracks. A bonus track will be added to the digipak edition.


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