New Scott Mosher Project Oceans Of Night Release ''The Shadowheart Mirror''
Date: Saturday, July 25 @ 06:00:00 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

Oceans of Night is a dynamic heavy rock/metal band that synthesizes a diverse range of musical influences under the deceptively descriptive title of "ambient progressive metal.? As the enigmatic and mysterious name suggests, Oceans of Night forge a powerful, modern and dynamic musical experience that demands your undivided attention.

Consisting of musical mastermind Scott Mosher and vocal powerhouse Scott Oliva, Oceans of Night released their first CD, The Shadowheart Mirror, in June of 2009. Equal parts progressive metal and modern rock served with a distinct ambient flavor, The Shadowheart Mirror is a dark, haunting and cinematic musical statement that resonates with emotional impact.

"Surf on over to the Oceans of Night web site, check out the song samples, order a few copies for yourself and your entire extended family. "You won't regret it - and you'll feel much better about yourself for the rest of the year! Thanks in advance for your time, attendance and consideration," says Mosher.

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